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BMW i4 and i4 M50 electric 2022: 536 horsepower and 475 km range

Like all other automakers, BMW begins its turn towards electric. The manufacturer had already shared with us some details about its electric SUV iX as well as his sedan i4. Now here are the technical details of the sedan, with a bonus surprise: it will have its high performance variant signed M under the name M50.

True to its values ​​of offering a racing car that emphasizes sporty driving, BMW ensures that the i4 family will not lose any of the manufacturer’s much adored qualities, even if it will be deprived of a heat engine. As proof, the declination M50 will be marketed at the same time as the i4 ordinary.

Beneath its bodywork, which does not deviate much from a 3 Series gasoline in terms of both design and dimensions, the i4’s only electric motor will be powered by a battery with a capacity of 83.9 kilowatt hours (81.5 usable kilowatt-hours). This engine, mounted on the rear axle, will have an output of 335 horsepower and produce a torque of 317 pound-feet.

BMW i4 2022

The range for this model is estimated at 475 kilometers according to EPA estimates. BMW claims the 0-100 kilometer sprint will take 5.7 seconds, which compares to what a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus offers. The i4 will hit our market early next year.

BMW i4 2022

As for the i4 M50, it will be offered with a battery of the same capacity, but with the addition of a second engine positioned on the front axle with a power of 255 horsepower. This results in a combined total power of 536 horsepower and a torque of 586 pound-feet.

The autonomy for this model equipped with 4-wheel drive is estimated at 385 kilometers, still according to the projections of the EPA. BMW promises a 0-100 km / hour sprint in just 3.9 seconds, which is however a little slower than a Tesla Model 3 Performance.

BMW i4 2022

Equipped with an internal charger that can reach a charging power of 200 kilowatts in a compatible terminal – allowing it to regain 90 kilometers of range in 10 minutes – the BMW i4 and i4 M50 will be able to recover up to 116 kilowatts of energy in regenerative braking.

Like the BMW i3, these new electric sedans will come as standard with a heat pump to precondition the passenger compartment and the battery. This promises to consume 75% less energy than that of the i3.

BMW i4 2022

True to other modern electric cars, the BMW i4 and i4 M50 will be loaded with cutting-edge technology and a new intelligent multimedia system that will be constantly plugged in through 5G connectivity.

BMW i4 2022

This system, which can be updated remotely, will integrate a new form of artificial intelligence that the manufacturer calls “Shy Tech”. The principle being to reveal the technology only when it is necessary. It will thus adapt to the driver’s habits and will prove useful only when he needs it.

This system can therefore be used by means of touch or voice commands. The i4 and i4 M50 will also incorporate the manufacturer’s most recent driver assistance technologies.

BMW i4 2022

BMW is relying more than ever on vegan and recycled materials. In addition, the i4 assembly plant, located in Munich, Germany, aims to become carbon neutral by producing its own clean, renewable electricity and drawing the water itself to manufacture its vehicles.

This water is then reused for other applications. BMW also closely oversees the battery supply chain, right down to the raw material mines. It thus ensures that it constantly improves extraction processes as soon as new, more ecological practices are discovered.

BMW i4 2022

No Canadian price has yet been announced for these new electric sedans. They will be confirmed in early fall. BMW has confirmed, however, that in the US the i4 will start at US $ 55,400 for an entry-level i4 eDrive40 and US $ 65,900 for a high-performance i4 M50.

BMW i4 2022

RPM’s opinion

It’s no surprise to see BMW take the next chapter in electrification. After all, it was one of the first manufacturers to offer viable plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles with the i3 and i8. We find, however, that it took a long time for this German giant to wake up.

The arrival of the i4, however, represents a breath of fresh air in the luxury electric vehicle industry, as there is currently no such sedan on the competitive side. We also see with this model that sedans are not ready to die anytime soon!

BMW i4 2022

Its autonomy, its technical characteristics and its prices seem to compete with those of the Tesla Model 3, and its design is very similar to a 3 Series powered by a heat engine, something that is likely to charm the many followers of the brand.

We are also happy to see that this is not a concept vehicle, but a production model, ready to go to market in the coming months. Will the BMW i4 manage to surpass the Tesla Model 3 on the sales charts? Remember that more than 200,000 Model 3s were sold on our continent last year.



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