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Bigger, more powerful | Volkswagen lifts the veil on the North American version of the ID. Buzz

More than a year after unveiling the European livery of its ID electric van. Buzz, it is now the turn of the North American variant to see the light of day. This charming addition to Volkswagen’s lineup marks a nostalgic homecoming for the German automaker, while also looking forward.

Still wearing this nice neo-retro design that casts an admiring look at the legendary Bus, the ID. Buzz adapted for North America increases its length by nearly 250 mm compared to the model that will be sold on the Old Continent. This gain is essentially observable at the level of its wheelbase of 3238 mm. For comparison, it’s slightly more than a Ford Expedition. This makes it possible to accommodate an additional bench seat behind the middle row and improve roominess. Its overall length of 4887 mm nevertheless makes it a more compact vehicle than a 5175 mm long Toyota Sienna.


The interior of the Volkswagen ID. North American Buzz

On the mechanical side, two variations will be on the menu. A rear-wheel-drive entry livery with a 282hp engine will try to woo the buyer. Powered by Volkswagen’s new APP550 electric motor, promised to be more efficient, it has 81 hp more in reserve than its European counterpart. It is complemented by an all-wheel-drive version adding a second engine at the front to increase total power to 330 hp. Regardless of the mechanical configuration, this ID. Buzz will be entitled to a battery with a capacity of 91 kWh, which is 9 kWh more than the ID.4 electric crossover currently on sale with which it shares its MEB platform. No word yet on projected range.


The Volkswagen ID. Buzz alongside its ancestor, the Volkswagen Bus

Inside, the ID. Buzz soaks up the sun with the largest panoramic roof offered by any Volkswagen Group brand, we’re told. The dashboard relies on superimpositions and integration of nozzles on the horizontal plane to present itself in a rather refined way. The multimedia system is essentially the same as the one presented recently on board the ID.7 sedan. It relies on a 12.9-inch touchscreen complemented by a digital instrumentation screen. The keys are essentially tactile, like the latest models offered by Volkswagen.


The Volkswagen ID. North American Buzz

For those interested, the ID. Buzz will only arrive in Canada at the end of 2024. By then, we will have more details on the Canadian proposal which may interest many families wishing to go electric.

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