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2023 Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon: Remote Update That Drains Battery

Twins Chevy Colorado And GMC Canyon of 3e generation have arrived on the market. Barely a few months after being put on the road, we learn that some owners report an irritating problem. This is because the battery suddenly drains while the vehicle is stopped. It would be a computer bug related to a remote update inside the multimedia system.

Something related to the audio channel

It’s the media GM Authority who investigated the problem by speaking with several owners and General Motors spokespersons. The problem would be related to the most recent update of the multimedia system intended to improve the audio system.

This update, which fails its software enhancement protocol, would cause the audio channel to fall into recovery mode (recovery). This safety procedure would force the multimedia system to stay on, which eventually drains all battery power.

While General Motors investigates to find a solution to the problem, the temporary recommendation would be to go to the multimedia system settings and disable the “background update” and “update via WiFi connectivity when possible” functions.

2023 GMC Canyon Denali
2023 GMC Canyon Denali Photo provided by: GMC


If you own one of these vehicles, I suggest that you disable these functions in the multimedia system until further notice. Wait for the next system update that will be offered to you through the interface.

Then try to grab the improvements made in this update. It is highly likely that they contain a correction to this unfortunate defect. Do not reactivate automatic remote updates until you have confirmation from the manufacturer that the problem is fixed. If in doubt, contact your dealership’s service department.

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