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How much is a toyota runx in zambia?

Although both the Toyota Allex and Corolla RunX share many similarities, the main difference between these cars is their size. … When comparing features, the Toyota Allex also offers better cruise control capabilities than the Corolla RunX, bringing about a better balance between engine power and fuel economy.6 mar. 2018

How much is Toyota Allion in Zambia?

Toyota Allion for sale in Zambia brings an affordable yet lucrative driving package for the average income earner. The price of this vehicle ranges from 2000USD to 11000USD, depending upon mileage, model, and condition of the car.

Is Toyota RunX a good car?

Toyota Runx is one of the most reliable as well as affordable car in its class. … The interior of Toyota runx is not much different from corolla, but sports items added to it. Moreover, it also has a spacious interior. The Toyota runx equipped with the quality engine of 1.5 or 1.8 liters.

Why Toyota RunX was discontinued?

Toyota South Africa is recalling more than 29 000 new Corolla and RunX cars after a problem was found in the vehicles’ rear axle beam. … “This could result in the bush splitting open and the front section of the axle beam coming adrift.8 déc. 2006

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How much fuel does a Toyota RunX use per km?

Toyota Corolla Runx 1.5i (110 Hp) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 SpecsGeneral informationFuel consumption (economy) – extra urban6 l/100 km 39.2 US mpg 47.08 UK mpgFuel TypePetrol (Gasoline)Weight-to-power ratio9.9 kg/Hp, 100.9 Hp/tonneEngine specs50 autres lignes

How much is Corolla in Zambia?

Toyota CorollaItemSpecPrice$20,900.00Mileage17224kmFirst registration30th July 2014ColourSuper White5 autres lignes

What does RXI stand for in Toyota?

RXI Stands For : Read Expansion Input.

Is Toyota Wish a 7 seater?

The Toyota Wish is a compact MPV produced by Japanese automaker Toyota from 2003 to 2017. It is available as a six and seven-seater, equipped with either a 1.8- or 2.0-litre gasoline engine.

How much is a Toyota Allex?

Toyota Allex: PricesUsed car on tc-v.comUS$1,468 – US$3,030New car in JapanUS$12,408 – US$19,287

What does RSi stand for in Toyota?

Published by CAR magazine on March 2, 2007. THREE little chrome letters can mean the world to a motoring fanatic. Toyota’s RSi moniker, which has been carefully cultivated to become a local performance icon, is among the most revered. Clear evidence of this fact came after the introduction of the new Corolla last year.2 mar. 2007

What is Toyota RunX?

RunX is a product of what Toyota engineers call a “tall but compact” design philosophy. It has an overall length of 4 175 mm and a width of 1 695 mm. The height is 1 470 mm. The wheelbase of 2 600 mm illustrates the short overhangs that are a feature of the RunX hatch.4 fév. 2003

When was RunX discontinued?

Toyota Corolla (E120)Toyota Corolla (E120/E130)ManufacturerToyotaAlso calledToyota Allex (Japan, hatchback)ProductionAugust 2000–January 2007 (Japan) March 2001–November 2007 (Southeast Asia) January 2002–December 2007 (North America) February 2004–February 2017 (China) July 2001–January 2007 (Allex, RunX)22 autres lignes

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What is the fuel consumption of Toyota Allex?

Consumption:CycleCarDoctor StatisticsOfficial SpecsCombined7.7 l/100kmN/AСountryside7.3 l/100kmN/AUrban21.6 mpg(US)N/ACombined30.5 mpg(US)N/A5 autres lignes

What is the fuel consumption of Toyota Wish?

14 – 16km/L

What is the fuel consumption of Toyota Passo?


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