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How much can a nissan versa note tow?

Tow up to 2000 lbs with this Curt 11256 Class 1 Nissan Versa trailer hitch.

How much can a 2009 Nissan Versa tow?

2 Answers. 200 pound tongue weight, 2000 pound pulling.27 mai 2015

How much can a 2014 Nissan Versa tow?

Do you know the capability on Lbs for the nissan Versa 2014 using this atachment. Expert Reply: The hitch itself has a towing capacity of 2000 lbs and a tongue weight capacity (maximum amount of downward force hitch can safely withstand) of 200 lbs.7 juil. 2014

Can a Nissan Note tow a caravan?

yep… note 1.6 auto max to 750 kgs.3 mar. 2009

Can a Nissan Versa pull a camper?

The Nissan Versa is not a vehicle that You are meant to tow with. It does not have the power nor the ability to recover if the trailer starts wobbling. … This will give You a towing capacity of 2000 pounds but You’re going to have to remember that Your safety will be at risk and Your warranty will be voided.

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Can you pull a Nissan Versa behind a motorhome?

Before purchasing a vehicle to use as a Dinghy be sure to check the owner’s manual to verify that the vehicle can be flat towed….How about a Nissan?Make/ ModelVersa Sedan SSpeed/ Distance LimitsNone/ 500 milesTowable w/manual TransYesTowable w/auto TransNo4 autres colonnes

Can a Nissan Versa tow a jet ski?

The Nissan Versa comes ready for a drawbar mount. You can get a drawbar trailer hitch and/or a weight distribution system. For this towing weight, a drawbar should be enough….Putting It All Together.TOWING CAPACITYBRAND/MODEL/TYPEWEIGHT IN LBSPWC’s TOTAL WEIGHTN/A690TRAILERTRITON SINGLE JET SKI195TOTAL8856 autres lignes

Can Nissan Leaf tow a trailer?

Can a Nissan Leaf tow a small trailer? Yes, a Nissan Leaf can tow a small trailer. Nissan Leaf’s towing capacity is rated at 1500 pounds (or 680kgs).27 mar. 2021

How do I know if my car can pull a trailer?

What is the best towing car?

1. Nissan Qashqai.

2. Volkswagen Passat.

3. Land Rover Discovery.

4. Jaguar XF.

5. Skoda Octavia.

6. Ford Mondeo.

7. Audi A6.

8. Kia Sorento.

What weight can a Nissan NV200 tow?

The full-size NV Passenger can sit up to 12 people, while the NV Cargo offers a capacity of 9149 litres with the high roof option. The 261-hp V6 and 375-hp V8 can tow up to 6900 and 9400 pounds (3130 and 4264 kg), respectively.

How much are pop up trailers?

What car can I flat tow behind a motorhome?

Can you flat tow a 2009 Nissan Versa?

Nissan Versa Sedan S Only manual-transmission models are manufacturer-approved for recreational towing.1 août 2018

What Toyota cars can be flat towed?

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