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Volvo EX30 | New era | The Press

What does Volvo mean to you? The answer will probably vary depending on how old you are. For many, a Volvo is the safest vehicle on the market. It is also a brand which, long before its competitors, raised the banner of ecology. The EX30, the new entry-level model from the Sino-Swedish firm, builds on these foundations which make Volvo cars unlike any other.

This is a Volvo like you've never seen before. In Canada at least. Its exterior dimensions, comparable to those of a Mini, make city driving easier and its electric propulsion helps make the EX30 a brilliant city dweller. A grand tourer? No, but a vehicle still capable of swallowing kilometers of expressways without difficulty. Obviously having the Anglo-Germanic chip in its sights, the EX30 however favors comfort over liveliness. Ostensibly.

With two electric motors, this Volvo compares perfectly with a Porsche 911. On a straight line! On a winding route, it's another story. Therefore, the presence of a single engine should be enough for our happiness, but some consumers will not all share this idea. In its most “simplistic” configuration, the EX30 drives only its rear wheels… To benefit from all-wheel drive, you need two engines and an outlay of a few thousand dollars more.

Regardless of the amount spent on its acquisition, the EX30 anchors a battery composed of NMC cells (lithium, nickel, manganese, cobalt) to its chassis. At the time of writing these lines, the American and Canadian authorities remain at odds on the consumption and autonomy of this Volvo. In Europe, where these tests are also carried out with a little more liberality, there is talk of a range of more than 400 km (see technical sheet). This should, we presume, be enough to position this SUV at the forefront of its category. On the other hand, we regret that it is impossible to configure energy recovery or even to drive this Volvo using a single pedal.

  • The Volvo EX30


    The Volvo EX30

  • The interior of the Volvo EX30


    The interior of the Volvo EX30

  • The Volvo EX30


    The Volvo EX30

  • The Volvo EX30 bench seat


    The Volvo EX30 bench seat

  • The Volvo EX30 console


    The Volvo EX30 console

  • The Volvo EX30 selector


    The Volvo EX30 selector

  • The headlights of the Volvo EX30


    The headlights of the Volvo EX30

  • A detail of the Volvo EX30


    A detail of the Volvo EX30


Like all electric vehicles, the EX30 is not particularly light. Never mind, it hides its excess weight quite well with soft, light steering, but which has no effect on the turning circle. Given its size, we would have liked this Volvo to be more agile in tight spaces. In large radius turns, the EX30 shows tenacity, but is careful not to make us feel it. The high travel of the suspensions does not contribute to making the steering sensations more precise.

Security Questions

Safety (both active and passive) has always been Volvo's pride. The EX30 makes us wonder about this. Indeed, like Tesla, the Sino-Swedish brand uses the infotainment screen as a vast catch-all. The EX30 pushes the envelope on connectivity and minimalism, the new terrain on which the race for technology is being played out. In the absence of an instrument cluster, the eyes must regularly (no head-up display) turn towards the center of the dashboard to control the air conditioning, the heated seats and even the opening of the gearbox. gloves. If one day this screen malfunctions or turns off forever…

This “progress” combined with the energy transition is expensive and has imposed trade-offs. We quickly notice that, if the quality of manufacture and the rigor of the adjustments have not been sacrificed, the quality of the materials, on the other hand, has been considered as an adjustment variable. Volvo puffs its chest out about the quantity of recycled materials on board, but some plastics appear fragile or of poor quality. Not really in the tradition of a manufacturer which, until then, made a point of offering sophisticated interiors. On the other hand, there is nothing to complain about the quality of the front seats, another pride of this manufacturer. Rear seat occupants will have difficulty sharing this opinion. The seat is as stiff as an ice floe and the clearance is limited. Like the trunk, by the way. But it's a Volvo. In the eyes of some consumers, this excuses a lot of inconvenience.

Volvo EX30

Price range

From $53,700 to $62,100

Eligible for government grants



15.7 kWh (European data)

WE love

  • Wild performance (two-motor version)
  • Easy to handle
  • Agility in an urban environment

We like less

  • The infotainment screen dominates the driving experience
  • Interior and utility volume
  • Low energy harvesting

Our Verdict

As if your cell phone had wheels

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