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The new 2022 Honda Civic Si sold for $ 34,850

Honda’s representative for compact sports cars, the Honda Civic Si 2022, is added to the Civic range of 11e generation which also includes the sedan and the hatchback version. Honda has just unveiled its price, the car will be offered from $ 34,850 including freight and delivery costs, which is still a higher price than in the past.

The Honda Civic Si has made its mark since its introduction 35 years ago. Its balance and degree of performance for its price quickly made it a vehicle of choice for young sports enthusiasts. For once, the youngest could afford a sporty car, which explains the success of the model during all these years.

The Honda Civic continues the tradition with a 4-cylinder engine under its hood. With a displacement of 1.5 liters, this high-efficiency VTEC engine produces 200 horsepower at 6,000 rpm; it is still five horses less than the mechanics of the old generation. Torque remains the same at 192 lb-ft, but it’s produced a little faster, 300 rpm earlier.

Only a manual gearbox

The tradition also continues on the gearbox side; no automatic, the only gearbox offered is a 6-speed manual, which is excellent news. Honda has always been there when it comes to manual gearboxes, and this new 2022 Civic Si should be no exception, especially since engineers have shortened its stroke by 10%. It also inherits, for the first time, a revs adjustment system from the Civic Type R.

Honda engineers also took the opportunity to boost the model. The suspension has been completely revised, it includes stiffer springs and bushings, firmer shocks and slightly thicker anti-roll bars. With these changes, Honda is calling it the most maneuverable and fun car to drive.

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The Honda Civic Si 2022 also features a distinctive design, including a sportier grille design, unique 18-inch 10-spoke rims and a sport exhaust with oversized oval tailpipes. Its glossy black spoiler, much more sober than that of the Type R, also sets it apart from other Civics.

Assembled at the Honda plant in Alliston, Ontario, the 2022 Honda Civic Si will be on sale in our market by the end of 2021.


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