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The Fisker Alaska will be the Ferrari of vans according to Henrik Fisker

Henrik Fisker the founder of Fisker it goes from a potential affirmation to the media Auto-Express. He maintains that his future pickup truck, currently codenamed “Alaska,” will be the equivalent of a Ferrari in pickup truck form. Although we don’t yet know any real details about this product, we can see that Fisker sets the bar very high.

This is all the more true since we are already seeing very powerful vans, more powerful than Ferraris, on the market. Just think of the Rivian R1T which comes with a cavalry of 835 horsepower which is 66 horsepower more than the Ferrari SF90. The contribution of electrification allows largesse in terms of power for new generation vehicles. Raw power is one thing, but it’s certainly hard to believe the Alaska will have the handling of a Ferrari.

Fisker won’t be targeting big players like the Ford F-150 Lightning, Tesla Cybertruck or the GM pickup duo. Rather, it’s Rivian’s approach with a pickup truck that’s slightly bigger than a midsize, but more compact than a full-size. Only one box configuration will be available, as with the four-door cab. The design of the vehicle will put it front and center with a sporty and dynamic configuration.

Fisker announces that there will be 4 characteristics never before seen on board a van, without however specifying them. There’s a good chance we’ll find a modular partition wall similar to what GM will offer in the Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Sierra EV.

Fisker line up
Future Fisker range

Another very important point in connection with the company’s strategy, the Alaska will be the most eco-responsible van. To achieve this end, the manufacturer will use more than any other materials of responsible origin and design or even recycled. The recyclability of components is also part of Fisker’s philosophy. Unlike other electric vehicle manufacturers, there is a real approach here to ensure that the products are more ecological in design.

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For now, Fisker has only unveiled a sketch of said van in 2020. Since then, no image that lets us guess more. It will take several more months, if not a few years, before we see the final product ready for production.

Fisker PEAR
Fisker PEAR


Fisker continues to tickle us with announcements of new products with very big promises. Already, the production of the Ocean has started, but remains extremely slow. We are also told about the PEAR, another SUV, but this time subcompact, to attract even more buyers.

We’ve been talking about it for a few years now, but still nothing concrete about the start of its production, the same thing for the Ronin luxury sedan, which is even longer to come. Alaska will technically come after all these products, so we can say that we are still very far from seeing Fisker Alaska on our roads.

For the moment, we do not yet know the strategy and the business model that will be adopted by Fisker on the Canadian market in terms of marketing, distribution and especially maintenance. The manufacturer will have to reveal its orientations as quickly as possible if it wishes to reassure consumers who are hesitant to trust them in the face of this expanse of unknowns and uncertainties.

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