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The BMW i3 will leave us in 2022

By 2022, BMW plans to introduce a whole new family of electric vehicles. It will all start with the iX, a luxury SUV that will rival the Tesla Model X and the Audi e-tron, and then the BMW i4, a sports sedan in the same vein as a 3 Series. he with the BMW i3, this city car who was the pioneer of electric vehicles at BMW? Unfortunately, the manufacturer has no intention of renewing it. It will be withdrawn from the range next year.

This is not surprising, because already in 2019 we learned that BMW had no plan for his city car. Indeed, the production ofi3 at the plant in Leipzig, Germany, will cease in the coming weeks. Barely a hundred copies will be built. Dealers across the country will then sell off stocks until the end of the year, and then make room for the iX and i4.

Remember, however, that although BMW’s two new electric models offer greater range, more space and performance than an i3, they will not succeed in filling the niche that the city car was creating since 2014, that of ” offer consumers a small luxury electric city car.

BMW i3S 2020

BMW Canada explains that it will be the MINI Cooper SE, with its estimated range of around 177 kilometers (compared to 246 kilometers in an i3), that will make sure to wear this hat. The MINI Cooper SE is less expensive to buy with a starting price of $ 40,990 before freight and delivery charges, which makes it eligible for the two government discounts for electric vehicles ($ 8,000 + 5 $ 000).

2020 MINI Cooper SE

It should also be remembered that it was necessary to spend nearly $ 5,000 more to own a BMW i3, which could quickly become expensive when one began to pile up the sets of accessories.

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