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Subaru will unveil another Wilderness model at the New York Auto Show

We knew that Subaru intended to unveil a new model at the New York Auto Show, scheduled for next April, without knowing more. Although the manufacturer remains discreet about its intentions, Subaru USA has just published an announcement on its Instagram account that a new model wilderness will soon be added to the range, without specifying which one it is.

In his publication, Subaru only shows a Wilderness badge, dirty, appearing to have been affixed to the side of a vehicle painted in blue, the symbolic color of this declination. It’s hard to pinpoint which model it is, but a few hypotheses are on the table.

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness
The Outback sold 3,634 units, 1,600 more than the second-placed Ford Edge. Photo provided by: Subaru

Approaching the conundrum through the process of elimination, it would be illogical for Subaru to offer a Wilderness version of the BRZ, although, let’s be honest, the idea of ​​such a thing is totally cool! The Solterra, its electric SUV developed and built in concert with Toyota, is also unlikely to be the next contender. Ditto for the Legacy and the WRX. So that leaves us with the Crosstrek and the Ascent.

However, if we had to bet on one of these two models, our bet would go to the Crosstrek because of its already adventurous nature and its target audience, usually younger, active consumers with a thirst for the outdoors.

Subaru Crosstrek 2024
Photo provided by: Subaru

Of course, we will have to wait until April 5, 2023 – unveiling day at the New York Motor Show – before we can confirm everything. If Subaru is really preparing a Crosstrek Wilderness for us, we could expect a version just as fortified as the Outback and Forester Wilderness, that is to say equipped with chassis reinforcements, more efficient suspensions, off-road tires and a range of practical accessories to face Mother Nature.

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We will be at the New York Auto Show to cover the new releases. So we’ll come back to you with more details about this mysterious new Wilderness version that Subaru is preparing.

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