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How much bigger is the santa fe than the tucson?

The difference in size is most dramatic in the length. The Santa Fe Sport is a full nine inches longer than the Tucson, coming in at 185 inches, compared to the Tucson‘s 176 inches. Height and width are comparable, with the Santa Fe Sport measuring an inch bigger for both.

Beside above, is Tucson or Santa Fe bigger? While these two crossover SUVs are extremely close in size, the Tucson is a tad smaller than the Santa Fe. Interestingly, the Tucson offers a bit more legroom. Both Hyundai models are close in height, wheelbase, and head and legroom measurements. But the Santa Fe is longer, wider, and about 300 pounds heavier.

Best answer for this question, is Santa Fe better than Tucson? The 2021 Tucson is more affordable and offers many of the same safety features as the Santa Fe but the Santa Fe is larger, offers larger engine options, and comes standard with more safety features. Both vehicles are excellent options and the decision ultimately comes down to price.

Also, what is the Hyundai Santa Fe comparable to?

  1. Subaru Forester.
  2. Honda CR-V.
  3. Nissan Rogue.
  4. Toyota RAV4.
  5. Jeep Cherokee.
  6. Chevrolet Equinox.
  7. Mazda CX-5.
  8. Ford Escape.

Likewise, is a Hyundai Santa Fe a full size SUV? Redesigned last year, the Hyundai Santa Fe is a five-seat mid-size SUV that competes with the Honda Passport, Nissan Murano and Ford Edge. A 185-horsepower, 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine is standard, and a 235-hp, turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder is available.While both Hyundai SUVs come equipped with their fair share of incredible features, the 2019 Santa Fe XL is simply bigger. The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe XL has 147 cubic feet of passenger space, leaving room for seven people to sit comfortably in three rows.

Is Sorento or Santa Fe bigger?

While they are the same basic size, the Sorento is a 3-row vehicle that seats 6 or 7 depending on the seating configuration while the Sante Fe is a 2-row vehicle with seating for 5.

Is the Hyundai Kona bigger than the Tucson?

As a compact SUV, the Tucson offers more interior space than the subcompact Kona. … The most the Kona can hold is up to 45.8 cubic feet of cargo. The Tucson may be a lot bigger than the Kona, but it’s nearly as efficient. The standard Tucson with the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine is rated to get up to 29 mpg combined.

Is the Santa Fe bigger than the Santa Fe sport?

Seating and Fuel Efficiency Another big difference is that the Santa Fe is bigger and offers third row seating, accommodating up to 7 passengers. … The Santa Fe gets 17 city / 22 highway / 19 combined, where the Santa Fe Sport gets a little better mileage with 19 city / 24 highway / 21 combined mpg.

Is the Toyota Highlander bigger than the Hyundai Santa Fe?

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a little narrower than the Toyota Highlander, so you’ll have an easier time getting in and out of the car in a tight parking spot. The Hyundai Santa Fe is slightly shorter than the Toyota Highlander, which may make it easier to park.

What is the #1 ranked midsize SUV?

The Kia Telluride is our top pick for a midsize three-row SUV. Its upscale cabin is quiet, comfortable and thoughtfully designed. It comes packed with standard features and tech, and it even has adult-friendly third-row seating. For the money, there are few more appealing ways to move seven or eight people.

What is the most reliable Hyundai SUV?

The Tucson is the most reliable Hyundai SUV by many metrics. Consumers praise almost every aspect of it. If you’re looking for the perfect compact SUV, the Tucson is probably the closest thing to it.

Does Hyundai Santa Fe have transmission problems?

Many owners of the 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe have reported transmission issues, particularly hesitation. Most owners say that they’ve encountered this issue at around 1,000 miles. Many of the reports say that the issue gets worse as the SUV comes out of turns or tries to accelerate.

Is the Santa Fe XL bigger than the Santa Fe?

Also, the three-row Santa Fe is now known as the Santa Fe XL. The XL is larger in that it has an extra row of seating, but it is also slighting longer in length. The Santa Fe is 188 inches in length, while the Santa Fe XL is 193 inches in length. Another difference between the two vehicles is the cargo space.

Which is bigger Honda CRV or Hyundai Santa Fe?

When it comes to maneuvering and parking, the CR-V may be the easier option. It measures in at 182.1-inches in length and 73-inches in width. The larger Santa Fe is 188.4-inches long and 74.8-inches wide.

What is the Hyundai Tucson comparable to?

Among the most appealing Hyundai Tucson competitors is the 2019 Subaru Crosstrek. … Next, the all-wheel-drive Crosstrek is significantly more fuel-efficient than both the all-wheel drive and the front-wheel drive Tucson models.

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