Toyota Yaris

Yaris cross australia price?

HatchbackToyota Yaris Cross ModelsSPECSPRICEGX Hybrid (steel Wheels)1.5LHybrid with Regular Unleaded CVT auto$28,990GXL1.5LRegular Unleaded Petrol CVT auto$29,990GXL Hybrid1.5LHybrid with Regular Unleaded CVT auto$34,990GXL Hybrid1.5LHybrid with Regular Unleaded CVT auto$31,9909 autres lignes

Is Yaris Cross coming to Australia?

What is the price of Toyota Yaris Cross 2021?

How much is the new Toyota Yaris crossover?

What is the best small SUV in Australia?

1. Hyundai Kona.

2. Kia Seltos.

3. Mazda CX-30.

4. Skoda Kamiq.

5. Toyota Yaris Cross.

How much does a Toyota cross cost?

Is the Yaris Cross 4WD?

The engine of the Yaris Cross has three cylinders and is quite peppy, making it a rather fun-to-drive experience….At a glanceTransmissionDirect Shift-CVT (GX), E-CVT (Hybrid)Fuel economy5.4L/100km (GX), 3.8L/100km (Hybrid)Towing capacity1,250kg braked / 550kg unbraked (GX), 400kg (Hybrid)2WD/4WD/AWD2WD (Front)7 autres lignes•2 fév. 2021

Where is Yaris cross built?

Is Toyota Corolla Cross coming to Australia?

Is there a 2021 Yaris?

Is Yaris Cross automatic?

Is there a new Toyota Yaris coming out?

The All New Yaris Cross Hybrid will be ready for adventure in your city in September 2021. The Yaris Cross range is available with two multimedia options. Our Icon & Design grades are equipped with an 8” Toyota Touch 2 system, including Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

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What is the best small SUV in Australia in 2020?

1. MITSUBISHI ASX. Score 6/10.

2. HOLDEN TRAX. Score 6.5/10.

3. HYUNDAI KONA. Score 6.5/10.

4. SUZUKI VITARA. Score 7/10.

5. NISSAN QASHQAI. Score 7/10.

6. HYUNDAI VENUE. Score 7.5/10.

7. HONDA HR-V. Score 7.5/10.

8. MAZDA CX-3. Score 7.5/10.

What is the cheapest small SUV in Australia?

What is the safest small SUV in Australia?

Mazda took the top spot in this category with its CX-30 small SUV, which ANCAP tested in 2020 according to the tougher protocols. Mechanically related to the Mazda3, the CX-30 blitzed ANCAP’s adult-occupant test with a 99 per cent score and achieved 80 per cent in the vulnerable road-user test.9 fév. 2021

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