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What is the price of toyota yaris in pakistan?

Toyota Yaris 2020 Price in PakistanVariantEx-factory Price (PKR)Toyota Yaris 1.3L GLi M/T2,469,000Toyota Yaris 1.3L GLi A/T2,649,000Toyota Yaris Ativ 1.3L M/T2,579,000Toyota Yaris Ativ 1.3L CVT2,729,0002 autres lignes

What is the price of Toyota Yaris 2020?

Toyota Yaris ATIV MT 1.3PricePKR 2,519,000Engine Displacement1329 ccFuel TypePetrolTransmissionManualGear Box5 speed1 autre ligne

Is Toyota Yaris a good car in Pakistan?

Powerful drive excellent car Excellent exterior, primium interior, powerful drive and outstanding patrol average, safety features are great and performing very well. 100 times better then Corolla and city with respect to power drive , suspension and safety. Trd rims are eye-catching.

Is Toyota Yaris available in Pakistan?

For example, in Pakistan, you can only find the sedan version of Yaris. Other names that are attributed to the same car are Vitz, Platz, Belta, Echo and Vios. These are all available in Pakistan as imported vehicles.

Is Yaris push start?

Toyota yaris new models push start remote control available.4 juil. 2021

Which is better Corolla or Yaris?

Both of these vehicles provide efficient performance, but the subcompact Yaris offers the better fuel economy. The base trim Yaris has an EPA rating of 32 mpg city / 40 mpg highway, while the Corolla mpg is rated at 28 mpg city / 36 mpg highway.

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Is Toyota Yaris worth buying?

Both CVT are good but the build quality of Yaris is unmatched. Hinda build quality is the worst as compare to their international build quality for the same model….User Review on Toyota Yaris J CVT [2018-2020]5.0 Exterior5.0 Comfort5.0 Performance5.0 Fuel Economy5.0 Value for Money

Which is the best Toyota Yaris to buy?

Best Toyota Yaris for… The Toyota Yaris 1.5 VVT-i Hybrid CVT Active 5dr returns a claimed 76.3mpg, making it the most economical Yaris, as well as the cheapest hybrid version. Icon and Icon Tech versions return the same figure but larger wheels mean Design, Design Bi-Tone and Excel return less.4 mai 2021

Is Toyota Yaris a girly car?

The Toyota Yaris and Nissan Micra are also girly by appearance and are also petit, bubble-like, curvaceous cars. The size could be what attracts women to these small cars, easy to drive and park. … Convertibles are often deemed girly cars and the Mazda MX5 is no exception.27 nov. 2014

Which Toyota car is best in Pakistan?

1. Toyota Prius. PKR 92.7 – 92.7 lacs.

2. Toyota Camry. PKR 186.3 – 186.3 lacs.

3. Toyota Corolla Cross. PKR 76.9 – 84.0 lacs.

4. Toyota Hiace. PKR 68.9 – 111.2 lacs.

5. Toyota Hilux. PKR 35.7 – 73.8 lacs.

6. Toyota Land Cruiser. PKR 416.9 – 526.5 lacs.

7. Toyota Prado. PKR 279.3 – 414.1 lacs.

8. Toyota Rush. PKR 56.3 – 58.4 lacs.

Which is best car in Pakistan?

1. Suzuki Bolan.

2. Price: PKR 11.34 lakh (INR 5.40 lakh)

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3. Toyota Corolla Altis.

4. Price: PKR 32.20 – 40 lakh (INR 15.34 – 19 lakh)

5. Suzuki Alto.

6. Price: PKR 11.98 – 16.33 lakh (INR 5.69 – 7.75 lakh)

7. Suzuki Cultus.

8. Honda City.

What is price of Yaris car?

Toyota Yaris price starts at ₹ 9.17 Lakh and goes upto ₹ 14.61 Lakh. The price of Petrol version for Yaris ranges between ₹ 9.17 Lakh – ₹ 14.61 Lakh.

How many Toyota Yaris sold in Pakistan?

Toyota Yaris, which comes with 1,300cc and 1,500cc engine sizes, occupies the third spot, with 14,172 units sold last year. This was despite the fact that the sedan was launched in March, when the country was in a lockdown. Yaris replaced Corolla 1.3 GLI and XLI.4 fév. 2021

Why cars are expensive in Pakistan?

Car prices are so high in Pakistan because of 600% tax and duties implemented by the government of Pakistan on imported cars.

Does Toyota Yaris have airbags in Pakistan?

India however has 7 airbags, while Yaris comes with 2 airbags. It is interesting to identify, that no local sedan in Pakistan comes with 7 airbags.9 mai 2020

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