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What does tr mean on a car?

The meaning of TR abbreviation is `The Remaining` in Triumph.

What does TR stand for in TR6?

4/5 (522 Views . The Triumph TR-X, also known as the “Bullet”, was the first Triumph car to use the TR designation. TR6 Acronym / Abbreviation. TR6. Technology Refresh 6 triumph, technology, car, sale.31 mai 2020

What does TR mean in slang?

Summary of Key PointsTRDefinition:Triple RainbowType:AbbreviationGuessability:3: GuessableTypical Users:Adults and Teenagers

What does TL mean on a title?

30.010 CHART 1-Body Type Model and Body Type CodesBTMCommercial DescriptionBTCTLTilt TandemYWFWrecker with FlatbedYWKTow Truck/WreckerYDSTractor Truck (Diesel)G24 autres lignes

How many Triumph tr3 are left?

It is estimated that only 9,500 of the original 58,000 built survive today.

What kind of car is a triumph?

The Triumph Motor Company was a British car and motor manufacturing company in the 19th and 20th centuries. The marque had its origins in 1885 when Siegfried Bettmann of Nuremberg formed S….Pre-war.Model NameEngineYearTriumph 121496 cc inline 4(1939–1940)17 autres lignes

How long is a TR 6?

3,950 mm

Is the TR6 a good car?

The TR6 is not just a great car, but a sound investment, as they are still relatively cheap and haven’t found their value in the market yet. There’s also a thriving community online for parts and advice, so if you’re considering something to both enjoy and tinker with, the TR6 may be the perfect car for you.28 mai 2014

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What is a TR7?

The Triumph TR7 is a sports car manufactured in the United Kingdom from September 1974 to October 1981, until May 1975, by the Rover-Triumph Division of the British Leyland Motor Corporation (BLMC) and, thereafter, by the Specialist Division (latterly the Jaguar-Rover-Triumph division) of British Leyland (BL).

What does TR mean in dating?

TR refers to classes that meet on Tuesdays and Thursday. The “T” is for Tuesday, “R” is for Thursday. If the class only meets on Thursdays, this will be designated in the schedule with an “R”.4 mai 2009

What is full form of TR?

TR Full FormFull FormCategoryTermTechnical ReleaseAccounts and FinanceTRTrust ReceiptAccounts and FinanceTRTechnical ReviewSpace ScienceTRTest RequestSpace ScienceTR32 autres lignes

What does TR mean in school?

Common Time Block CombinationsMWFMonday, Wednesday, FridayMWMonday, WednesdayTRTuesday, Thursday12 avr. 2013

What does 4W mean on a car title?

4W. Four Wheel. Truck, Wheel, Drive. Truck, Wheel, Drive. 0.

What does ll stand for in body style?

Passenger Vehicles (Class 10)Carryall, Suburban, TravelallLLLimousineLMOpen BodyOPRoadsterRD20 autres lignes•20 août 2013

What does 4S mean for cars?

4S. Sales, Showroom, Service, Stockyard. 4S. Sales, Service, Spare parts supply and Survey (automotive) Copyright 1988-2018, All rights reserved.

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