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What battery for 2003 Toyota Avalon?

We currently carry 13 Battery products to choose from for your 2003 Toyota Avalon, and our inventory prices range from as little as $84.99 up to $249.99.

How much does a battery cost for a Toyota Avalon?

The average cost for a Toyota Avalon battery replacement is between $398 and $405. Labor costs are estimated between $26 and $33 while parts are priced at $372. This range is based on the number and age of Toyota Avalon’s on the road.

How do I know what size battery my car needs?

1. Step 1: Check for the group size on your old battery.

2. Step 2: Check your owner’s manual for a group size.

3. Step 3: Search online for the group size.

4. Step 1: Look on your battery’s label.

5. Step 2: Check your manual.

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6. Step 3: Check online.

Can I put a different group size battery in my car?

Member. Any battery will work as long as it has the minimum Cold Cranking Amps needed for your car and will physically fit in your battery tray. If it’s too big for the tray you can always mount it in the trunk. QFT.14 sept. 2007

How do you change a battery in a Toyota Avalon?

1. Pop the hood using the lever under the dash.

2. Locate the battery at the front right of the engine bay.

3. Disconnect the negative battery cable first.

4. Using a 10mm socket, loosen the small nut on the negative post and disconnect it from the battery.

5. Then using the same 10mm wrench, remove the positive cables.

How much does it cost to replace a Avalon hybrid battery?

If You want to buy a new one, You can expect to pay between $41 and $313 for the part alone. If You want to have it replaced by a professional mechanic or service technician, You will need to pay out an additional $40 to $210 for labor.

What kind of battery do I need for a 2000 Toyota Avalon?

Super Start Platinum Battery Group Size 35/85.

Is a higher CCA battery better?

In general, for both CCA and RC, the higher the number the better. However, if you live in a cold climate, the CCA rating should be an important consideration in choosing a battery. Conversely, if you live in a high heat climate, you don’t need as much CCA.

What happens if you put the wrong size battery in your car?

Manufacturers precisely match their alternators and batteries to the vehicle’s power requirements. A mismatched battery/alternator combo could cause your alternator to overheat and shorten its life.16 mar. 2020

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What cold cranking amps do I need?

A battery should be big enough to allow reliable cold starting. The standard recommendation is a battery with at least one Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) for every cubic inch of engine displacement (two for diesels).

Does it matter what type of battery you put in your car?

No. Car batteries differ in multiple ways to work with different vehicle’s specifications, and they are generally year, make, model-specific. … These batteries tend to have a shallow charge cycle, and provide power in short bursts. It is also true that the majority of car batteries offer a standard 12v voltage output.

What does CCA mean on a battery?

Cold Cranking Amps

Are bigger batteries more powerful?

However, in larger battery packs, the physical arrangement and extra number of cells will often mean that they will give a bit more power because you’re more likely to have one or two cells that give a bit higher voltage (because all batteries are slightly different and there’s some natural variation) and the cells won …21 oct. 2017

Where is the battery on a Toyota Avalon?

You’ll be able to find the battery on this vehicle located in the trunk. Yes, it’s located right in your trunk and not under the hood. You would need to open your trunk door and remove the access panel that is located on the right. Once you remove the access panel, you’ll be able to see your vehicle’s battery.

Is it worth it to replace a hybrid battery?

New high-voltage (HV) hybrid batteries are usually overkill for your used Prius or Camry. … Your Prius or Camry isn’t worth the cost to replace the battery – you might as well go get a new car, right? Not so fast! MOST of your Prius or Camry High Voltage (HV) battery is actually fine.

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