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XC20 Recharge, a mini-SUV in the making at Volvo

Volvo will likely expand its electric vehicle offering by developing a mini-SUV, the XC20 Recharge, with Geely.

The strategy of Volvo in terms of electrification is very clear: one electric motor per model range by 2025. The Volvo XC40 Recharge is also the first milestone in this offensive. At the same time, the nascent Polestar brand is establishing itself in North America. The fact of electrifying its various ranges in no way prevents the manufacturer from developing new products and broadening its horizons.

According to increasingly persistent rumors, Volvo will turn to its Chinese parent company, the Chinese giant Geely, for the manufacture of an electric subcompact SUV. We abandon one or the other of the two platforms developed by Volvo, the SPA and the CMA, which are however intended for vehicles of reduced format. Volvo would instead adopt the SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) that Geely conceptualized specifically for electrified products.

Volvo CMA platform shared in Geely consortium

Volvo boss Hakan Samuelsson explains his organization’s choice in favor of the SEA: “Small cars can also be luxurious. Just because you have a little suit doesn’t mean it has to be polyester. We’re going to do it with Geely, and that’s natural. We are collaborating on this file. We developed CMA in Gothenberg, although the funding was joint. SEA, on the other hand, was designed entirely in China, with Chinese suppliers who can offer very good prices for the tailoring. Volvo will oversee everything. “

Zeeker 001 concept 2021

Regarding the SEA platform, for the moment, only Volvo, Geely or the new Zeeker brand products are planned, but the Chinese manufacturer has made a point of emphasizing that it can be shared with other automobile manufacturers. Its modularity allows it to be compatible with almost all vehicle and configuration formats.

Volvo Recharge concept 2021

Regarding the XC20 Recharge, considering the letters XC, this product will have an affiliation with the SUVs of the range. On the other hand, Mr. Samuelsson expressed the need to reinterpret the very notion of a sport utility: “SUVs are very popular, but they should also be all electric. I think SUVs in the future won’t be exactly the same as they are today. Ground clearance and off-road capabilities are certainly not the most important aspects now. Moreover, Volvo has already given us a taste of this approach with the Recharge 2021 concept.

Volvo C40 Recharge 2022

There is no release date for the Volvo XC20 Recharge yet. Considering the time required for the development of a new product, it is unlikely that the XC20 will be seen before 2024-2025. For now, Volvo offers the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge in its electrified range.

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