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Worst environmental dunce: Toyota just behind 2 oil companies

It’s not yesterday that Toyota shows signs of obstruction of environmental policies. To the point of being recognized as one of the worst companies in the world, it’s another level. This post illustrates just how unprepared Toyota is for electrification.

It’s almost hard to believe that the company that has sold the most hybrid cars in the world and that offers the widest range of hybrid vehicles is the most resistant to electrification. To this we can add that Toyota The expansion and marketing of hydrogen is hand-in-hand. However, we have to admit that hybridization, hydrogen and pure electrification do not necessarily go hand in hand, at least at Toyota.


Steadfast support of the Republicans

The publication InfluenceMap just named Toyota as one of the worst lobbying companies in the world to obstruct climate policies and promote climate change deniers. In this regard, we remember, a few months ago, we learned that Toyota was financially supporting Republican elected officials denying climate change and the outcome of the 2020 election. In addition, Toyota is one of the most generous donors. automobiles to the Republican Party, the US party in favor of expanding oil production and raising pollutant emission caps for automakers.

Washington Capitol Hill

An agenda against the environment

Ed Collins, the director ofInfluenceMap comments in an interview with the British publication The Guardian : “The corporation’s agenda is to adopt climate change policies based on science denial, and that’s damaging. What we are seeing is not just an effort to thwart regulation directly. It involves prolific and sophisticated techniques to steer governments down incredibly dangerous paths. “

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Awkward positions

As a result, Toyota is ranked third in environmental obstruction according to InfluenceMap. Toyota is third worldwide in all industries. In fact, the first two positions are, not surprisingly, held by two oil giants: ExxonMobil and Chevron. In the automotive world, other names are emerging, but quite a bit lower in the list: BMW (18e), Daimler (24e) and Hyundai (25e). The mere fact of being in this painting certainly does them no honor.

Toyota Mirai 2022

Pressure by interposed government

In the case of Toyota, attempts at negative influences are increasing according to several sources, including the New York Times which reports that Toyota has pressured the Japanese government to in turn pressurize the Biden administration. The goal was to slow down the process of adopting a plan to promote automobile electrification.

Toyota bZ4X 2023

Give in under pressure

Of all the media presentations over the past few years, Toyota has been proclaiming loud and clear that electrification is not the only path to the automotive future. We certainly push for hybridization and hydrogen, but simple electrification, we feel that it is forced. Fortunately, public and market pressure means that Toyota is giving in; indeed, the company recently unveiled the bZ4X 2023.


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