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Volkswagen unveils Golf GTE Starlight concept for Wörthersee Festival

Pandemic or not, Volkswagen is keen on giving its fans of the Austrian Wörthersee Festival a gift. Following tradition, a performance model is revisited, and, in this case, it is on the basis of the GTE that we create the Starlight.

We can understand that, with the pandemic stretching, Volkswagen did not try to wow the gallery this year. For this reason, we are not discovering a new concept from A to Z as we have often seen in recent years. We have to admit it, the Concept GTE Starlight, even if it is flamboyant, remains quite wise.

Volkswagen even drew inspiration from its old concepts, specifically the GTE presented in 2017 and the HyRacer from last year. We remain in the continuity, and, the good news, we always put in the foreground the rechargeable hybridization of the GTE.

Volkswagen Golf GTE Starlight Concept 2021

These concepts always have a spectacular side, and this year’s one is no exception. From the first glance, we see that the lapis and Catalan blues are in the foreground on a white background. The roof also turns blue as does the LED strip that bridges the optical clusters at the front. Volkswagen also insists that the door handles are illuminated. What catches the eye, however, is undeniably the design of the 20-inch rims in two colors, including blue.

Volkswagen Golf GTE Starlight Concept 2021

When moving to the rear, the lights change to clear lenses. The lower part of the bumper comes directly from the Golf R. However, in the case of the Starlight concept, there is only one exhaust on each side and not two as on the R. Again, our attention goes to the Exhaust tip design details created with 3D printing technology.

Volkswagen Golf GTE Starlight Concept 2021

Inside, it continues with an impressive collection of blue appliques on the dashboard, console, steering wheel and seats. The 16 design students who shared the design of the GTE Starlight came up with a totally unnecessary idea, but oh so spectacular: the GTE logo presented as a hologram at the top of the dashboard. The latter even reacts according to the speed and acceleration of the vehicle. The final touches in the cabin are a 3,110-watt audio system as well as an electric skateboard in the trunk.

2021 Volkswagen Golf GTE plug-in hybrid drive

In terms of mechanics, the team behind the Starlight didn’t touch anything. There is the 1.4-liter 4-cylinder assisted by an electric motor. By combining the power of the two technologies, we obtain a cavalry of 242 horsepower and a torque of 295 lb-ft. Everything goes through a 6-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic gearbox. Based on the WLTP rating, the GTE is capable of traveling up to 60 kilometers in electric mode.

As the Wörthersee Festival does not physically take place this year. Volkswagen is exhibiting the GTE Starlight concept at its parent company, Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany.


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