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Volkswagen ID. Xtreme Concept: an extreme version of the ID.4

In order to realize this concept that is this Volkswagen ID.4 Xtreme Concept, Volkswagen used a prototype of the traditional ID.4 which it modified considerably. The manufacturer thus gives a glimpse of what an off-road version of Volkswagen’s electric crossover, the ID.4, could look like, and thereby takes the pulse of its customers in the face of the arrival of a possible version. of production.

The concept is based on a Volkswagen ID.4 GTX sold in Europe as the most exclusive version of the range. The ID.4 GTX has dual motorization and incorporates all-wheel drive by default. Thus, the Volkswagen ID. Xtreme also sends power to all 4 wheels, and software changes to the powertrain control unit boost output to 382 horsepower, 87 horsepower more than the standard GTX. Moreover, this GTX, although not officially marketed here, is mechanically identical to the one called ID.4 Pro AWD on Canadian soil.

The ID. Xtreme also looks extreme with raised suspension, 18-inch all-terrain wheels and larger 3D-printed wheel arches. A redesigned front bumper is also topped with a crash bar, while an LED bar is attached to the roof peak to improve nighttime illumination. A completely enclosed aluminum underbody was installed to protect the battery from rocks and other debris.

Volkswagen says the cabin has been changed to match the exterior color scheme; however, the manufacturer has still not released any images. Volkswagen also specifies that the seats have been redesigned, and that many surfaces of the cabin are covered with Alcantara. Otherwise, the ID. Xtreme has also been equipped with a sound generator that emits a “one-of-a-kind” rolling noise, according to the manufacturer. On the other hand, in the absence of recording, one can only guess what this noise sounds like.

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We doubt that a production version of the ID.4 Xtreme will ever be released by Volkswagen, considering such extravagant proportions and features of the concept. However, the manufacturer is still testing the waters and will await the reaction of the public on this concept which is out of the ordinary.

What’s more, a line more focused on off-road looks and functionality is very possible. Think of Honda which launched the TrailSport sub-brand, Subaru which created the Wilderness line and Hyundai which added the XRT badge to its range; off-road appearance packages have become a hugely popular trend, and Volkswagen might be inclined to join the party.


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