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Volkswagen ID LIFE electric concept at 20,000 euros

Volkswagen wants to democratize the electric car, and its spearhead will be the ID.LIFE, an urban front-wheel drive vehicle that looks like an SUV and has an estimated range of between 300 and 350 kilometers.

Volkswagen has only two letters in head: ID. Prefix of all that electrifies, ID is the future of the brand as evidenced by the panoply of products and concepts which adopt this name. At the IAA Munich Motor Show last weekend, Volkswagen unveiled a new approach, a populist orientation with a more affordable vehicle at 20,000 euros, the ID.LIFE.

Little glance in the past

The objective behind this offensive is clear, we want to make the electric car much more affordable while maintaining great versatility. It is in a way a reincarnation of the “people’s car” of the 21e century. Although, from a strategic point of view, one thinks of the Beetle, in terms of style, it is more of the “Thing” than one thinks.

Volkswagen ID.LIFE Concept 2021

The LED game

All in angles and unrelated to the curves of the other IDs, the ID.LIFE plays a card inspired by retro. Obviously, we are far from a production version, but the silhouette has many chances of being renewed for the series. On the concept, the lighting elements are entirely LED, but integrate completely in the ends. A link to the other IDs is provided by means of the thin line of LEDs between the front headlamps. The theme is repeated at the back.

Volkswagen ID.LIFE Concept 2021

Green up to the roof

With ecological aims, the ID.LIFE offers a unique production. The two-tone painting follows the trend with its canvas roof, however, the painting itself is original. It is partially made from wood chips for a natural look. Interestingly, the removable fabric roof is made from 100% plastic from bottles.

Volkswagen ID.LIFE Concept 2021

Yo, young people!

The interior offers a particularly clean approach, fashionable in other IDs. This does not mean that we do not find many accessories and equipment. The most spectacular is undoubtedly the 34-inch screen that unfolds in front of the windshield. This screen is paired with a projector that can watch movies and, of course, video games. To be comfortable, all you have to do is fold down the front backrests if you want to free up space in complete comfort, “Cinema mode”.

Volkswagen ID.LIFE Concept 2021

Clean, but smart and green

As for the management of the commands, either we use the backlit buttons on the steering wheel and the dashboard, or we go directly through our smartphone. Volkswagen even provided a magnetic space to hold it in place and, of course, recharge its battery. Just like on the outside, stylists have kept green at the forefront by using recycled materials, natural rubbers and rice.

Volkswagen ID.LIFE Concept 2021

Between 300 and 350 kilometers of autonomy

Volkswagen will use its MEB platform in the form of a traction drive for the first time with the ID.LIFE. All other products mounted on this platform are either rear-wheel or four-wheel drive cogs. The vehicle will be equipped with an engine of approximately 230 horsepower and will be powered by a 57 kilowatt-hour battery. According to Volkswagen, the range will be 400 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle which is usually optimistic. With us, it is more likely between 300 and 350 kilometers. Although we are not aiming for lightning accelerations, the manufacturer announces a 0 to 100 km / hour in only 6.9 seconds.

Volkswagen ID.LIFE Concept 2021

When and how much?

For Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstätter ID.LIFE has great significance: “ID.LIFE is our vision for the next generation of electric vehicles for urban mobility. The concept gives an overview of an ID in the small car segment which will be launched in 2025 with an invoice of around 20,000 euros. This means that we will make electric mobility more accessible to more people. At the moment, ID.LIFE is in its very early stages. Volkswagen has not confirmed whether it will be offered in all markets, including Canada.


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