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Toyota funds conspiratorial Republican elected officials in 2020 US election

It is well known that automobile manufacturers contribute to election funds. Toyota is currently in a delicate position in terms of image and ethics, since it contributes to the finances of the elected conspiratorial Republicans who refuse to recognize the result of the 2020 election.

The information is surprising to Canadians, given our rules on political party funding. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington activist group says automaker Toyota is one of the biggest donors to members of Congress who refuse to recognize the 2020 election result that snatched Donald Trump away from the Oval Office for the benefit of Joe Biden.

The publication claims that Toyota gave each of the 37 Republican members of Congress, including Andy Biggs, a sum of US $ 55,000. These are the same people who are in denial of the election results in their own country!

Toyota USA official contacted through the post Axios and here is his reaction: “We do not believe it is appropriate to judge members of Congress solely on the basis of their vote on electoral certification. At the same time, Toyota made this further statement: “Based on our extensive review, we have decided not to give away certain members who, by their statements and actions, undermine the legitimacy of our elections and our institutions.” “

The organization behind the news says Toyota is even a more generous donor to representatives than some companies known for their affiliation with Republicans like Walmart and Koch Industries.

Toyota plant in Cambridge, Ontario

It is important to note that it is not known whether Toyota also contributes to the election funds of Democrats. One thing is certain, Toyota has had a strange relationship with the Trump administration. In the wake of the protectionist movement “Made in America”, we remember that Toyota has been threatened on more than one occasion concerning the manufacturer’s factories in Mexico and even in Canada.

January 6 riots in Washington

On the other hand, Toyota is one of the automakers that has most firmly backed Trump’s policies on lax emissions standards. We know that Toyota is seeking to postpone the massive implementation of automobile electrification in the short and medium term. In the end, it was investors who forced the Japanese giant to stop supporting Trump following the tragic events of January 6, 2021 when five people were killed in the storming of the Capitol in the United States.

Suddenly, Toyota makes the following statement: “We will be reviewing public policy engagement activities through our company and industry associations to confirm that they are consistent with the long term goals of the Accord. from Paris.” We remember that in 2019, Toyota was one of the leading car manufacturers, along with GM and FCA, who joined forces with the Trump administration against California, which wanted to have its own pollution regulations. These same regulations were aligned with the Paris Agreement.

Toyota Mirai 2022

To justify its decisions, Toyota says hybridization is more efficient than electrification in reaching more consumers. According to the manufacturer, it is currently irresponsible to bet on a single technology such as electric. It should be remembered that Toyota, in terms of alternative energy, has relied heavily on hydrogen and not electrification.

Toyota bZ4X concept 2021

The fact remains that Toyota is forced to embark on electrification based on consumer demands. From there we will see the production version of the bZ4X compact sport utility concept during the year.

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