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Toyota Corolla Cross competition

Toyota was slow to enter the urban utility market. Others have made their place there. The Japanese manufacturer must succeed in convincing by relying on its legendary reliability. The Kia Seltos, Subaru Crosstrek and Volkswagen Taos are fierce competitors.

Kia Seltos

Price: from $ 23,395


Kia Seltos

Like the Corolla Cross, the Kia Seltos offers a towed version at the entry level. All other versions feature all-wheel drive. The Kia offers a supercharged engine on its more elite versions, but it’s the only powertrain that can outshine the Toyota’s 2.0L engine. In reality, however, consumers are sticking to the naturally aspirated engine offered on virtually the entire lineup. This one doesn’t produce as much horsepower and torque as the Toyota one. In addition, it fails to consume as little as the Toyota or to offer such a high residual value on resale. The Kia makes up for it, however, with a generous 5-year / 100,000 km warranty.

Subaru Crosstrek

Price: from $ 23,795


Subaru Crosstrek

The Crosstrek offers one of the most efficient four-wheel drive cogs on the market, at no cost, at a lower price than the Corolla Cross. In addition, the Crosstrek offers a plug-in hybrid version (not the most interesting, however) and the possibility of benefiting from a manual transmission. A rarity these days. The Toyota, on the other hand, consumes more soberly the fuel in its tank, costs less to maintain and gives us more living and utility space.

Volkswagen Taos

Price: from $ 26,695


Volkswagen Taos

If only the Taos had a lower starting price or at the very least had standard four-wheel drive. This is not the case and Volkswagen’s more generous warranty (4 years / 80,000 km) cannot justify such a price difference. Not even the accessories. In return, the Volkswagen offers more driveability, a more generous supercharged engine and an efficient and pleasant (traditional) gearbox.

By opting for the all-wheel-drive versions (more expensive), the consumer finds even more pleasure with a double-clutch transmission. A pleasure that is also paid for in the interview: it must be more followed.


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