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This is what the Hummer EV could have looked like

The design of a new vehicle always goes through a series of designs and sketches. Some manufacturers even organize competitions between their design studios which, in a world market vision, are located all over the world. GM recently posted a series of images on its Instagram platform that hinted at what the new one might have looked like. GMC Hummer EV.

Despite the advent of computers, which have greatly simplified the design of new vehicles, the process is still complex, and manufacturers, for the most part, have not ruled out the production of design in clay, an old mythical method that pleases always in the hands of the stylists and which allows a vehicle to be shaped down to the smallest detail with a more real vision.

It is always interesting to discover all the stages that led to the final design of a vehicle. We often tend to find concepts or sketches much more successful, but be aware that many initial designs often do not take into account the many engineering and, above all, legal constraints. A production model remains a compromise between several departments.

GM recently released a series of images hinting at the process of creating the GMC Hummer EV, a vehicle that has shifted from being an environmentalist’s favorite target to a much more politically correct off-road electric vehicle.

A more successful concept?

Some of these sketches suggest a much more angular vehicle, with similar proportions, but with a much more exploded rendering. The wing passages are more flared, which gives a stature with much more character. We often have the impression that the concepts are more successful when we look at the images; we have the same impression in the case of GMC Hummer EV.

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV will hit the market over the next year, hopefully the model won’t be hit with a production delay like so many models have recently.


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