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The sixth generation of the Camaro will bow out next January

After Dodge with its Challenger, it is now the turn of General Motors (GM) to announce that the current generation of the Chevrolet Camaro will disappear in less than a year. This sixth version of the eternal rival of the Ford Mustang will die out when the last copy is assembled in January 2024.

To mark the end of this story, there will be a “Collector’s Edition” group on the RS, SS and ZL1 liveries, details of which will be revealed shortly.

We are therefore witnessing a real changing of the guard within this sub-segment defined by the relatively affordable power of its V8s full of character. This generation, launched in 2015, will have marked a reorientation for the Camaro thanks to its much more accomplished Alpha platform and its reduced dimensions. Of pony carit has become a serious sports car, especially when dressed in 1LE sauce, regardless of the mechanics chosen.

That said, this success of esteem will not have had the expected effects in terms of sales, which have been in sharp decline in North America since 2019, despite a jolt last year. Its less marked practicality than that of its American competitors can partly explain this trend. Its development has also stalled for several years.

And now, what’s next? We don’t really know, other than the fact that GM has confirmed that the Camaro isn’t dead. Will she come back to life in an electric form, as rumors relayed by American media suggest? To be continued.

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