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The e-tron GT sedan, the most powerful model in Audi's history

The war on horses has not disappeared with electrification, quite the contrary. Audi is exposing it with its e-tron GT 2025 sedan accompanied by a considerable injection of power.

The new Performance livery thus ups the ante to 912 hp, making it by far the most powerful creation to wear the four rings. This impressive figure is achieved thanks to a new rear motor and a modified inverter at the front that can produce a greater electrical charge. 0-100 km/h is achieved in just 2.5 seconds.


The 2025 Audi e-tron GT Performance

The battery also increases its storage capacity, going to 105 kWh while very slightly reducing its weight (by only 9 kg out of 625 kg in total). A two-chamber air suspension remains on the menu for comfort and adjustability. The price, autonomy as well as the timing of the Canadian entry of this new e-tron GT RS Performance have not yet been revealed. To be continued, then.

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