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The Acura Integra returns in 2022

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Acura Integra is one of the most popular models in the history of the luxury brand from Honda. Abandoned in 2001, it made a comeback 21 years later.

The rumor had been circulating for some time, but it didn’t sound particularly serious. Finally, it is confirmed, theIntegra will be back in the range ofAcura from next year. Acura took advantage of the night in Monterey, Calif., To make the announcement using a flock of drones that inscribed the name in the sky and sketched the silhouette of the car.

Back to 1985

We know very few details at the moment, but as we know the habits of the builder, we can quite easily draw a probable route. According to RPM, the compact ILX will be withdrawn from the market after a career of almost 10 years. Acura will return to its roots with the Integra name that we had on the family compact since 1985. We remember the Canadian arrival of the Integra in 1986.

A luxury Civic?

Acura will also most certainly benefit from the new generation of the Honda Civic 2022 as the basis for the design of the Integra. The rapprochement between the two cars would be consequent since it was the strategy adopted during the development of the EL, CSX and ILX, Acura’s latest compacts.

Honda Civic 2022

Assertive design

For now, Acura has presented only one image, that of the headlight where we can see the Integra inscription in the bumper. This is a direct reference to previous models. As you would expect, this new generation will follow current design trends at Acura. We adopt the “chicane” LED line as well as the “Jewels Eyes” headlamps and the “Precision” grille. In this way, we ensure the family ties with the TLX and the SUVs of the range.

Acura Integra 2022

In what form ?

THE BIG QUESTION: will it be available as at the time in sedan and coupe or in another configuration? Acura has certainly valued the market and knows full well that compact coupes are no longer around due to their sluggish sales. Will Acura take this risk? One thing is clear, we can hope that this new generation of the Integra appeals to consumers more than the return of the NSX, a failure for the manufacturer.

2001 Acura Integra

Acura promises that the car’s stripping will continue over the next few months before its full unveiling by the end of the year. Let’s stay tuned.


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