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The 2024 Chrysler Pacifica marks 40 years of the Canadian-built minivan

If the minivan exists today among manufacturers like Honda, Toyota and Kia, it is thanks to the invention of Chrysler during the 1980s. Recognized as having been the vehicle that completely saved Chrysler from bankruptcy, the very first Plymouth Voyager, like the Dodge Caravan have helped redefine the public’s perception of a minivan.

Before these twins were born, a minivan was essentially a cargo truck converted into a family vehicle. The Caravan/Voyager instead injected the characteristics of a car to make them more user-friendly and accessible to all. This was also the idea behind the name of the Caravan, Car-A-Van
(a car and a van).

Imagine that the Chrysler minivan has been around for 40 years. To highlight its heritage and, above all, its construction in Windsor, Ontario since 1983, the manufacturer saw fit to announce the arrival of a commemorative version of the Pacifica for model year 2024.

Chrysler Pacifica 2024 002
Chrysler Pacifica 2024 Photo provided by: Chrysler

Two new colors, redesign of the range and more technologies

The update mainly affects the on-board content, because from a technical and style point of view, the Pacifica does not change. The modifications affect the thermal version and the plug-in hybrid, which is eligible for $10,000 government rebates.

It all starts with two new body colors, Red Hot Red and Baltic Gray. The Pinnacle version, for its part, receives a new interior color, sepia. The plug-in hybrid range, for its part, has been slightly modified with the addition of two new versions, the Select and Pinnacle versions. Chrysler also wanted to celebrate the fact that it built 100,000 Pacifica plug-in hybrids at its Windsor plant in 1er September 2023.

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Chrysler Pacifica 2024 004
Chrysler Pacifica 2024 Photo provided by: Chrysler

There is also the Uconnect 5 multimedia interface which is added to the model, for all versions. It includes the manufacturer’s EVAS (Emergency Vehicle Alert System) technology. It alerts the driver to the presence of nearby emergency vehicles and potential emergency situations.

These new features will be introduced in the Pacifica starting next October. The price range for this 2024 model year will therefore be announced a few weeks before its launch.

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