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Test bench | GMC Canyon competition

The craze for vans is undeniable. Especially the most compact. And facing the GMC Canyon, we find the Ford Ranger, the Honda Ridgeline and the legendary Toyota Tacoma.

Ford Ranger (2023)

Price: from $38,480 (2023)

Since returning to the catalog, the Ranger has been doing well. Alright. But the hour of its renewal will soon strike. Indeed, from the summer, a brand new version will appear and it will include a Raptor version. The latter will adopt a supercharged 3 L V6. Another six-cylinder engine (2.7 L) will be part of the catalog. The 2.3 L four-cylinder found in the current version of the Ranger (2023) will be renewed.

Honda Ridgeline

Price: from $49,568


Honda Ridgeline

Rugged, reliable and roomy, the Ridgeline has a lot going for it, despite a fairly hefty starting price and somewhat dated interior layout. The V6 that drives it consumes roughly the same amount of gasoline as the GMC’s four-cylinder. Because of its architecture (monocoque), the behavior of the Ridgeline is similar to that of a car and does not heckle its occupants, whether the bed is empty or not. However, its towing capacity is much lower than that of the Canyon. And this one isn’t afraid to venture off the beaten path either.

Toyota Tacoma

Price: from $44,634


Toyota Tacoma

By the time you read this, Toyota will have lifted the veil on a new generation Tacoma. This model which, in its current form, is not the most gifted in its class yet taunts the competition. Indeed, the Tacoma is the best-selling midsize pickup in North America. Until its commercialization, the current Tacoma remains in service, but struggles to conceal its age. In terms of comfort, ergonomics, driving pleasure and functionality (payload, towing capacity), to name only these elements, the Canyon does better. But the Toyota has the stainless reputation of being robust, reliable and, above all, highly valued on the second-hand market.

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