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Tesla Vision: Offer less for the same price

You’re here recently announced that some of its models will be equipped with an all-new driver assistance system. Replacing the old system Autopilot, Tesla Vision, the price of which has not changed, completely eliminates radars and relies solely on cameras to observe the surroundings of the vehicle. Sadly, some owners have already noticed a glaring drop in performance.

You’re here does not communicate with the media. So it is difficult for us to get any information on why this decision is made, but other sources, such as speed cameras and Tesla vehicle repair companies, believe it could be a conflict. between the manufacturer and one of its suppliers.

Recall that it was Continental which had taken charge of the supply of radars for Tesla. Elon Musk’s company, however, tends to want to take control and, above all, to develop its own technologies. This could have led to some conflict between the two companies. Tesla may also have decided to focus on developing its own radars. Has she decided to temporarily withdraw them while she is developing a new technology?

Tesla explains on its website that all the old Autopilot features will soon be available via updates, despite the absence of speed cameras. But for the time being, Tesla Vision limits the lane-keeping system to a maximum speed of 120 km / h. The automaker also claims that the automatic exit and emergency lane departure avoidance could be disabled upon delivery of the vehicle.

Tesla has not yet given any dates about these famous updates that would allow cameras to perform in the same way as radars. Honestly, we are skeptical, because according to some automakers, to come up with a fully autonomous car, it has to depend on a combination of radars, lidars and cameras. Tesla nevertheless tells us that it is able to do this only with cameras.

Out of curiosity about Tesla Vision’s performance, we contacted Mr. Guillaume André, repairer, salesperson and supplier for Tesla vehicles.

Tesla Model Y

Well known and surrounded by Tesla owners, he explained to us that Tesla’s new system is not as efficient as what Autopilot offered. He even claims that some features have been removed from the system.

“During inclement weather, the system refuses to function altogether. Now it only works at low speed, and we see that it is much more limited than before ”- he told us.

This all makes sense, as a system that relies only on cameras will easily be clogged with rain, snow, or dust. The idea behind the use of radars and lidars is to be able to allow the vehicle to see beyond what a camera can observe and even pass through certain objects. In other words, the more tools a vehicle has to analyze its surroundings, the more effective its driving assistance system will be.

Tesla Model 3

Since May 2021, all Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are equipped with Tesla Vision technology for the same price as the Autopilot. Tesla’s most recent update, 2021.4.18.2, makes sure vehicles that don’t have speed cameras run with new software programming.

Where consumers should be wary is that older models equipped with radars retain their functionality. However, two owners who paid the same price for a Tesla Model 3 will not have the same semi-autonomous driving features. Tesla has therefore withdrawn features without having reduced its price.

As a result of these observations, we ask the following question: If Tesla Vision is superior to the Autopilot system, as Tesla claims, why continue to run the old system?

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