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Rivian’s “Tank Turn” Officially Abandoned

The company Rivian has not ceased to be talked about since its arrival in the automotive landscape a few years ago. One of the features that caught the eye is certainly the “tank turn“, a feature that made the vehicle rotate on itself with the use of four motors. If, as a potential buyer, you were expecting it, you will have to mourn since Rivian officially announced its abandonment a few days ago.

During an Instagram broadcast

It was during the broadcast of a question and answer session held by the CEO of the company, RJ Scaringe, that a panoply of information was revealed to the general public, including the abandonment of the “Tank Turn” functionality. The CEO mentions that although the vehicle is able to do so, the company has decided not to offer it since it contravenes the mission of environmental conservation that it has given itself.

This spectacular feature was possible due to the presence of four electric motors, each of which powers one wheel of the vehicle. It was therefore possible, for example, to rotate the left wheels forwards and the right wheels backwards so that the vehicle could rotate on a central point.

This elimination comes around the same time as the new twin-engine configuration offered for the R1T and R1S. This differs from the four-motor configuration due to its greater simplicity, lower power, and also greater fuel efficiency, which allows both vehicles to consume less power and thus achieve better overall autonomy. The Enduro motors are fully developed by Rivian, while the electric motors for the four-motor versions were supplied by Bosch.

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Rivian R2

Although the R1 (R1T and R1S) are the only two models currently offered, the second range of vehicles is expected. On the occasion of the broadcast, a brief portion of only 16 seconds puts in the foreground a clay model of the R2, which the designers use to validate the proportions of the vehicle. It recognizes an SUV type vehicle that will certainly be smaller than the R1S currently offered. No other information has been revealed, but some rumors point to an arrival in 2026 for this new model.

Rivian R1T Concept
Rivian R1T Concept Photo provided by: Screenshot


Honestly, this feature had little point other than to impress the gallery. While that’s good enough for some buyers, it does need to be put into context: Rivian produces electric vehicles that aim to be greenhouse gas free, so it makes sense that they’re designed entirely for to preserve the environment. Whether in the choice of materials or in the availability of certain features, car manufacturers must be consistent and this is what Rivian is sending as a message by removing this possibility.

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