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More power and higher load capacity for the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford will become the first automaker, along with Rivian, to market an electric pickup truck in Canada. As the first deliveries of the F-150 Lightning 2022 begin, the manufacturer has just announced that the vehicle will be more powerful, will display greater autonomy and will have a higher load capacity than expected.

Offered at a base price of $70,000, the Ford F-150 Lightning arrives at the dealership in the next few days. While the first buyers will take delivery of their copy, the manufacturer announces that the two versions, standard autonomy and long autonomy, will benefit from a more powerful engine than what was announced in May 2021.

Models equipped with the extended range battery will benefit from an electric motor that develops a total power of 580 horsepower, or 17 horsepower more than the manufacturer had initially announced.

As for the models equipped with the standard autonomy battery, their electric motorization will develop a total of 452 horsepower compared to the 426 horsepower announced by the manufacturer. In both cases, the engine produces an impressive 775 lb-ft of torque, the highest ever in Ford’s full-size pickup history.

It’s not just the power that is up, the load capacity of the Ford F-150 Lightning has also been revised upwards. The model will be able to carry a maximum of 1,014 kilograms (2,235 pounds), which is about 106 kilograms (235 pounds) more than advertised.

Last March, the manufacturer also announced an increase in autonomy for the model. As standard, it will be able to cover a distance of 370 kilometers thanks to a battery with a capacity of 98 kilowatt hours. The model is equipped, as standard, with a 4-wheel drive system thanks to an electric motor installed on each train.

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On the side of the extended range XLT, Lariat and Pro versions – powered by a battery with a capacity of 131 kilowatt hours – Ford has announced a range of 480 kilometers. Finally, the Ford F-150 XLT ER and Lariat ER will have a range of 515 kilometers, again according to the latest EPA estimates.

New buyers will definitely be happy to get more power and higher load capacity than expected. It remains to be hoped that the reliability of the new F-150 Lightning will be there. One thing is certain, Ford once again succeeded in taking the competition by surprise.

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