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Mitsubishi announces a new compact SUV for the Asian market

The constructor Mitsubishi has been bombarded with changes over the past few years. After a commercial alliance with Renault and Nissan, Mitsubishi is trying somehow to hold its own in the automobile market. In North America, the company relies on Outlander sales to keep its head above water. On the other hand, the manufacturer is doing well in Asia and intends to exploit these regions more with the marketing of a new SUV. Mitsubishi has also confirmed that the vehicle’s popularity in Asia will determine whether it will export it to other markets.

Bigger than RVR

The new SUV, which still had no name at the time of this writing, would be distinguished by a rather generous ground clearance of 222 millimeters. Since it has 3 driving modes, namely Mud, Wet and Gravel, this product is geared towards adventure and outings off the beaten path, according to the manufacturer.

Mitsubishi has also revealed that the vehicle will be equipped with the AYC (Active Yaw Control) device. Renowned for its efficiency in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, the AYC system has been redesigned to be even more efficient in distributing torque between the van’s front and rear wheels, according to the company. Additionally, the mechanism will make changes to the SUV’s traction control system and steering to improve its handling.

Among the features noticeable in the video published by Mitsubishi, this new SUV will be entitled to a Yamaha brand audio system. This Yamaha Premium Dynamic Sound system adapts to road conditions to clarify and increase its sound quality. It is possible to see that the vehicle will be equipped with a good sized multimedia screen which acts as the instrumentation and infotainment system.

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Mitsubishi Concept XCF
Mitsubishi Concept XCF

Will it be sold in North America?

Nothing is confirmed yet, but everything suggests that this new product is the result of the XFC 2022 concept. This concept, which had opened the door to the addition of an SUV in the Mitsubishi range, had also left the doubts about the possibility of a new vehicle being marketed in North America.

The interior and the size of the SUV presented in the video look very similar to what we saw in the Concept XFC 2022; it is therefore not impossible that the SUV hits North American soil. Mitsubishi has also confirmed that the product’s popularity in Asia would justify whether or not to export the crossover to other markets.

The vehicle will be unveiled in its entirety on August 10, 2023 at the Indonesia International Auto Show.



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