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Mercedes-AMG C 63 S F1 Edition 2023: more exclusive than ever

Exclusivity has no more secrets for AMG and the news F1 edition of the C 63 S PERFORMANCE proves it well. Only 36 copies will reach Canadian territory.

Mercedes-AMG may not have managed to retain his F1 title, but that’s no reason not to celebrate motor racing as it should. We are taking advantage of the launch of the powerful C 63 SE PERFORMANCE to introduce a first limited edition of the sedan to the Canadian market with the F1 2023 edition.

Mercedes-AMG C 63 SE PERFORMANCE F1 Edition 2023
Mercedes-AMG C 63 SE PERFORMANCE F1 Edition 2023

This build will be instantly recognizable to high performance enthusiasts. At first glance, you notice the alpine gray from the exclusive paint collection of MANIFAKTUR, the Mercedes-Benz customization workshop. For more style, there is an imposing AMG decal fading into the bottom of the body. Several red accents also make a direct reference to the red currently used by Mercedes-AMG safety and medical cars on F1 tracks around the world. They are found all around the underbody and on the rims. It receives 20-inch rims with 5 double arms painted in matte black.

Looking closer, we realize that the spoiler and the diffuser adopt the configuration of the aerodynamic assembly. Performance is thus optimized and a better rate of penetration into the air is obtained. The F1 also includes the Stealth and Night Appearance Packages for a complete removal of all chrome accents. Some are painted black chrome, others simply painted gloss black. Glossy black also finds its way onto the mirror casings, the rear spoiler and even the front bumper.

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Mercedes-AMG C 63 SE PERFORMANCE F1 Edition 2023
Mercedes-AMG C 63 SE PERFORMANCE F1 Edition 2023

Inside, the most impressive element will certainly be the carbon fiber that covers most of the dashboard with its red accents. Plus, you get red accents for the stitching and headrests displaying the embossed Affalterbach symbol. There are also red seat belts and door sills where the AMG logo is illuminated.

Under the hood, there is no change. The F1 gets the same 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder with electric assistance good for an exceptional output of 671 horsepower. Mercedes-Benz has not yet disclosed the price of this version, but we know that only 36 copies will be sold in Canada. Delicate attention, each owner will be entitled to a protective cover with the interior in felt to protect his precious racing car. This is appropriate for this Mercedes-AMG C 63 SE PERFORMANCE F1 Edition which will no doubt eventually be a collector’s car.


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