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Lincoln is upgrading the Corsair for 2023

After abandoning sedans over time, Lincoln is now betting on SUVs. The most popular of the range, the Lincoln Corsairwas starting to lag behind the competition in terms of equipment, but improvements are being made for the 2023 model year. Some styling tweaks are made, as well as technological improvements.

What we notice from the outset is the larger grille than before. It goes down lower in the bumper and still offers, in the Grand Touring plug-in hybrid version, blue accents. New wheels and new exterior colors are also available.

On board, the 12.3-inch instrument display is now standard as the central 8-inch display is replaced with a new 13.2-inch unit featuring the SYNC4 interface with clean “Constellation” theme in Lincoln, much more modern. Also, Alexa is integrated for management by voice commands. The rest of the presentation remains unchanged, except for the availability of new colors for the interior trim.

2023 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring
2023 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Photo provided by: Lincoln

Unique driving aids

According to Lincoln, the 2023 Corsair is the first vehicle in its class to be offered with advanced hands-free driver assistance functionality intended for highway driving. The system takes care of lane changes automatically after the driver activates the turn signal, in addition to keeping the vehicle in the center of the lane and taking turns.

The vehicle also introduces Intersection Assist 2.0, which warns the driver by illuminating a warning light in the rearview mirror and a jerk in the steering wheel if he has missed warnings from the monitoring system. blind spots. This feature is used to detect automobiles, trucks and motorcycles.

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2023 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring
2023 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Photo provided by: Lincoln

One motor eliminated

The most powerful internal combustion engine to date offered in the Corsair bows out for 2023. It leaves all the way to the 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with 250 horsepower, which is unchanged and still mated to an automatic transmission with eight reports. A plug-in hybrid engine is also offered with 266 horsepower and an electric range of 45 kilometres. All Corsairs sold in Canada are all-wheel drive.

The 2023 Lincoln Corsair will arrive in early 2023. It is still assembled at the Louisville, Kentucky, plant alongside the Ford Escape.


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