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Kia Stinger’s turn to bow out

Following the news that Volkswagen Canada will stop marketing the Arteon here next year, it is now the turn of its main competitor, the Kia stinger, throw in the towel. Indeed, this category of cars does not seem to fit in with the North American marketing plans of manufacturers of generalist brands.

This information has not yet been confirmed by Kia, which prefers to remain silent on the withdrawal of its flagship sedan. This is the South Korean media Korean Car Blog which announces that the Kia assembly plant in Sohari, which currently produces the Stinger, will begin restructuring work as early as next year in order to be able to produce electric vehicles. Production of the Stinger will therefore cease in the second quarter of 2022.

Kia had however confirmed that the Stinger would remain within its range at least until 2024. The model has even just been updated for the 2022 model year, incorporating some components taken straight from the Genesis G70, such as a locking rear differential and an active exhaust system. Sadly, with average annual sales of 13,000 copies (in North America), the Stinger just doesn’t sell enough to justify its existence. To put it in context, Kia sells an average of six Tellurides versus the average Stinger nationally.

Kia Stinger 2022It must be said that, like the Arteon, the Stinger was never designed to smash sales figures. It is an exclusive product that attracts only a very small percentage of consumers.

Kia Stinger 2022The Stinger will however have allowed the manufacturer to gain credibility after consumers in terms of performance and design. Remember that it was the only coupe-type sedan from a generalist brand to stand up to German brands in terms of acceleration and road behavior. Its bold design, put together by renowned stylists Peter Schreyer and Gregory Guillaume, will certainly not have gone unnoticed.

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