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Kia EV5 Concept: by the end of the year… in China

Kia does not intend to let the electrification initiative pass. The South Korean manufacturer is determined to set the pace for generalist brands in terms of electrified offers. After discovering the production version of the Kia EV9 last week, we are now presented with the EV5 another SUV, presumably compact in size.

Although the size of the product seems ideal in many respects, one should not get too excited, at least not too quickly. The Concept Kia EV5 was unveiled as part of the Kia Chinese EV Day. One might think that it is a product with a global vocation, but, for the moment, the manufacturer only confirms its marketing in China and before the end of 2023. In order to silence the rumors, Kia says its directions for bringing the EV5 to other markets will be announced when the time comes.

Kia EV5 concept
Kia EV5 concept

Digital tiger face

Right now, the EV5 is just a study in style, the very embodiment of what a concept is. Although the family resemblances with the new EV9 2024 are more than apparent, Kia maintains that the EV5 takes another step in the stylistic evolution of the manufacturer. We push back the visual signature of the grille which displays the “Digital Tiger Face”, a new approach for the “tiger nose” typical of Kia for several years already. If we follow the logic of the EV5, only the line at the base of the bonnet and the shape of the bumper remain to structure the front. The optical blocks, as is the case of the EV9, are offset towards the outside of the bodywork. The illuminating elements of the EV5 currently consist of thin strips of LEDs in the shape of an angled hook.

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Copying in Japan and Sweden

In profile, it’s hard not to see strong resemblances to old Mitsubishi concepts, including the 2015 GC-PHEV or, again, the 2019 Engelberg Tourer. It’s particularly striking with the heavily structured shoulders and hips. . To limit the effect of height, a hollow sculpts the interior part, and there is an impression of a floating roof with a cutout in the quarter panel. On the concept, the rims have 21 inches. As for the rear, it looks like Volvo/Polestar all the way. Like the Swedes, Kia’s new design language is inspired by nature and architecture. The main rear feature is the presence of two angular lamps offering a three-dimensional all-LED depth.

Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer Concept 2019 1600 0c
2019 Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer Concept


The living space of the Kia EV5 is oriented towards great simplicity. The doors deploy inversely, without a B-pillar, to completely clear the opening. With the swivel seats, both front and rear, it is therefore possible to create a living area facing the outside of the vehicle. On the dashboard, there is no artifice. Behind the hexagonal steering wheel, there is only a screen that serves as both instrumentation and multimedia system.

Kia EV5 concept
Kia EV5 concept

There is a play of textures and colors to brighten up the environment. Kia also supports the use of several eco-responsible materials such as recycled plastic bottles for the manufacture of components for the seats, doors, dashboard and roof lining. In the boot, always with a view to relaxation and apparent harmony with nature, a small bench seat can be deployed. Finally, to make the experience even more pleasant, the roof is almost entirely made of glass and allows greater light on board for the occupants as well as for the green plant that grows in the interior wall of the trunk.

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In terms of mechanics, Kia does not say a word about the technical characteristics of the product. As it is entirely electric, we suspect that it will be built on the e-GMP platform, but we do not know more for the moment. A production version will be unveiled later this year for the Chinese market. Although Kia does not confirm it, we suspect that the EV5 will find itself in other markets internationally, hopefully Canada is on the list.


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