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Ken Block partners with Audi in the development of electric vehicles

Ken block is well known in the automotive world. After making a name for himself in rally camps – not to mention his shoe company DC Shoes – Mr. Block rose to fame thanks to his videos like Gymkhana, a kind of acrobatic event comprising a racing car and several obstacles. These videos have garnered millions of views on YouTube. The popular racing driver is now ready for his next project: electrification at Audi.

This is not the first time that Ken block partners with an automobile manufacturer. We’ve seen it before alongside Subaru and Ford. However, each collaboration seems to have allowed each manufacturer to gain popularity among performance enthusiasts.

The influencer of influencers

Audi understands the importance of being associated with such an important figurehead in the automotive industry, especially among the younger generations. The objective of this partnership is to develop electric vehicles, even if it is a vulgar marketing stunt.

Mr. Block will ensure the technical development of the cars, that is to say, he will act as test pilot for the company. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see Ken Block appear behind the wheel of a performance electric Audi in his next Gymkhana event. Recall that Audi recently announced its intentions to enter the Dakar rally in the electric racing car RS Q e-tron. Ken Block will have his role to play in the development of this racing car before the event which will take place next January.

Ken Block and Audi

Help the planet, while going faster

For Ken Block, this partnership is proof of his commitment to the electrification of transport: “Electric mobility is the future. I see the electric car as a way to keep our civilization moving while reducing emissions and making our planet a better place to live. This is not the only reason, however. The electric car is much faster! And anything that allows me to go faster makes me happy ”- he added in the Audi Sport press release.

Ken Block and Audi

Ken Block adds that while some complain about the lack of sound of electric racing cars, he says his own children don’t like the sound of petrol cars and love the sound of battery-powered cars.


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