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It’s not just Tesla, Rivian or Ford, there’s also the Alpha Wolf

Alpha continues to expand its offer, this time with a compact pickup truck that looks like it came straight out of the 1980s. On the other hand, don’t be fooled, the Alpha wolf is indeed electric.

Alpha just unveiled its first pickup in the series Wolf with the Wolf + two-door and the 4-door SuperWolf. In both cases, we are talking about products with design elements that are at the same time modern, technological and from the 1980s. Nostalgic people will love it.

Alpha takes advantage of a stand at the prestigious Peterson Automobile Museum in Los Angeles to make the first public demonstration of the Wolf+. Much like the ACE and Jax already featured by Alpha, the styling is minimalist. In the case of the Wolf series, we obtain a wide collection of accessories including bars with projectors, tube bumpers and, in the case of the 4-door version, the doors also pass to the tubes. Ready for adventure, you even get a roof basket for carrying extra items.

Alpha SuperWolf 2023

In terms of dimensions, the Wolf + is 4,775 millimeters (188 inches) in length, 1,930 millimeters (76 inches) in width and 1,676 millimeters (66 inches) in height. As for the body, it measures 1,651 millimeters (65 inches). For the SuperWolf, it goes to 5,450 millimeters (214 inches) in length, 1,995 millimeters (79 inches) in width and 1,760 millimeters (69 inches) in height. Interestingly, the Wolf comes with an estimated towing capacity of 1360 kilograms (2,992 pounds).

Alpha SuperWolf 2023

In the cabin, again, minimalism is an integral part of the Wolf’s design. Like Tesla and the Mustang Mach-e, we obtain two screens: one for the instrumentation in landscape position, the other for the management of all the other controls in portrait position.

Alpha Wolf + 2023

From a technical point of view, the Wolf series can be equipped with a choice of two battery sizes. One is 75 kilowatt hours, the other is 85 kilowatt hours. According to the manufacturer, the maximum autonomy can reach 483 kilometers. As for acceleration, we’re talking about 0 to 100 km / hour in just 6.0 seconds.

Alpha Wolf + 2023

Development is well advanced, but there are still several months of preparation before the official release of the Wolf series. The manufacturer hopes to deliver the first units in 2023. In terms of prices, we are talking about a base model at US $ 36,000 and a fully equipped version at US $ 46,000. At this time, it is not known if Alpha will be marketed in Canada.


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