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Hydrogen for the Toyota Prius in 2025

Toyota push so that thehydrogen or an alternative to gasoline. For the time being, the offensive has been limited to Mirai. In order to democratize the technology, Toyota could offer a motorization running on hydrogen in the next Prius.

In Quebec, thanks to government rebates, sales of Toyota Prius Hybrid regular have collapsed in favor of the rechargeable version Premium. The name Prius remains extremely strong in terms of hybridization in the collective imagination; then, the appellation is confirmed for a fifth generation.

Third option

Toyota intends to develop the Prius. We will certainly find hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines as we know them today. On the other hand, the rumor is more and more persistent to the effect that Toyota could add a third option to its range: hydrogen.

Toyota Miraï 2022

More affordable than the Mirai

Toyota is known to be one of the few automakers pushing for the expansion of alternative technologies to gasoline. Toyota currently only produces the Mirai, a mid-size, hydrogen fuel cell sedan; it is a complex and particularly expensive technology. In the case of the Prius, the approach would be quite different and would come from the race.

Toyota Corolla running on hydrogen

A racing engine?

Indeed, Toyota races with a Corolla equipped with a turbocharged 1.6-liter 3-cylinder engine from the GR Yaris. This engine runs on hydrogen, not gasoline. Toyota only made a few minor modifications to the engine to be able to run it on hydrogen. As hydrogen is highly flammable, it is this fuel that is sent directly to the cylinders to replace gasoline. For the moment, it is not known whether it is the 1.6-liter that will be retained or a traditional 4-cylinder without turbocharging.

Toyota Miraï 2022 engine

Almost more pollution

Even though the Prius is extremely fuel efficient, it uses an internal combustion engine that burns gasoline and still produces polluting gases. By switching to hydrogen, there would still be nitrogen oxide (NOx), but in considerably less quantity. Where this approach stands out is the almost complete absence of carbon dioxide (CO2) emanations.

2019 Toyota Prius e-AWD

Not before 2025

Not all Prius will have this technology. It even seems that we will have to wait until 2025 before seeing its commercialization. In all likelihood, a new generation of the Prius will be unveiled by then. We hope for this fifth evolution of the Prius for the 2023 model year in Canada.


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