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Honda Prologue to be manufacturer’s first electric SUV

Although Honda was one of the pioneers in transport electrification with the Insight, in the early 2000s, the manufacturer is now in catch-up mode in the face of an industry in full energy transition. Honda finally gives the details of its electric future. It will be the Prologue, a new electric SUV that will begin the company’s energy-efficient shift.

Honda Canada invited us to an online conference where it unpacked its plans for electrification of its range of vehicles, as well as motorcycles and motorized equipment. Like Toyota, Honda does not believe in a single method to achieve its carbon neutrality goals but in several forms of energy.

The manufacturer certainly plans to market electric vehicles soon, but also hybrids and, later, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Honda, however, did not mention synthetic fuels like Toyota, Porsche and Mazda do.

The first and most important vehicle on the list is the Prologue, an electric SUV that will borrow the Ultium platform from General Motors. Mid-sized, this SUV will sit alongside the Pilot, which could also possibly be electrified. The marketing of the Prologue is scheduled for 2024. An Acura signed variant of this model will follow shortly after. Honda ensures that the modular architecture of the Prologue will give birth to a whole new family of electric vehicles.

But for the time being, Honda is mainly focusing on hybridization. First there will be the Civic Hybrid, which expects to make its big comeback in the lineup in 2022. Then will come the next generation CR-V. Scheduled for unveiling later this year and marketing next year, this CR-V will be offered with a hybrid powertrain for our market.

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Remember that it has been two years since a hybrid CR-V has been marketed in the United States. A Honda HR-V hybrid, which has already been launched in the European market, is also in the plans.

In all likelihood, plug-in hybrids are a thing of the past at Honda. After the recent announcement on the abandonment of the Clarity, it is obvious that the manufacturer will henceforth only bet on hybrids and electrics.

In terms of the partnership with General Motors, I asked Honda when it plans to become independent in terms of electrical resources. Jean-Marc Leclerc, president and general manager of Honda of Canada, explained to me that the company is currently developing a new generation of solid electrolyte batteries.

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The goal, of course, is to keep production costs to a minimum. Mr. Leclerc admitted that the partnership with GM is necessary in the short term to allow Honda (and GM) to begin their shift towards electric while remaining profitable, but also to be able to build economies of scale. . The CEO, however, admitted that he would like to see Honda regain control of its battery development by the end of this decade.

The manufacturer preferred not to disclose anything about its electrification projects for motorcycles and recreational vehicles, but certifies that big news in this regard will be announced soon. Honda is even talking about expanding its generator division by adding energy storage modules that can power homes, similar to what Tesla is offering with its Powerwall.

Regarding the Honda Prologue SUV, there are no images of the model or advertised price scale yet. We will know more in the coming months.


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