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Free charging for three years with the BMW i7

The electrification of transport is taking an increasingly important place in the automotive world. With the growing supply of electric vehicles on the market, manufacturers are finding ways to help consumers make the jump to electric. Currently, many electric vehicles are eligible for a government rebate, but some manufacturers also offer programs to cover charging costs. This is also the case with BMW, which will offer free recharging to owners of BMW i7.

A first for BMW in Canada

Offering credit for charging up to a certain amount or free charging for a specific time is not a new idea. Several manufacturers such as Cadillac, Chevrolet or Volkswagen already offer similar programs. On the BMW side, this practice was also applied when the iX SUV and the i4 hatchback were marketed, but it was reserved exclusively for American customers.

However, a recent agreement between BMW Canada And Electrify Canada is about to change that. Indeed, we learned today that owners of the new BMW i7 sedan will be able to enjoy three years of free charging, with no apparent limits on the amount of energy, at Electrify Canada charging stations across the country. This offer will be reserved for first registered owners of the electric luxury car and aims to build new owners’ confidence in the electric transition. For those who have already taken possession of the vehicle before the announcement, they will also be entitled to the three-year recharge period, from the start date of the program. Of note, BMW’s press release does not mention any limitation on the number or duration of recharging during the program.

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An electrical architecture allowing fast charging

The BMW i7 is part of the new generation of electric vehicles offered by the German manufacturer. Its battery with a capacity of 101.7 kilowatt hours usable allows it to display an announced autonomy of 512 kilometers. In addition, the press release emphasizes the maximum charging power of 195 kilowatts, achievable using a 350 kilowatt-hour fast-charging station from the Electrify Canada network, for those who would like to travel a greater distance.

Sherbrooke Electrify Canada charging stations

Honestly, this program put in place for the BMW i7 is mainly there to help consumers make the leap to electric, because let’s face it, with a base price of $147,000, the cost of electricity compared to that of gasoline should not be the decisive element at the time of purchase. Nevertheless, it would be interesting for BMW to expand its program to the rest of the electric vehicles it offers on the Canadian market, just as it does on the American side. It remains to be seen whether this will follow with the expansion of the German manufacturer’s range of electric vehicles in Canada.


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