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France: Rent an electric vehicle for $100 per month

The US government recently angered several automakers by deciding to only offer subsidies to vehicles built in the United States.

France is also considering adopting a similar strategy. On the sidelines of the Paris Motor Show, which was held last October, President Macron announced in an interview a series of measures to promote the sale of electric vehicles and also to promote local purchases.

The president wants to reinforce the “European preference”, that is to improve the advantages for the purchase of vehicles manufactured in Europe. According to Mr. Macron, “Americans are buying American and have a very offensive state aid strategy. The Chinese are closing their market. We cannot be the only space, the most virtuous in terms of climate, which considers that there is no European preference. »

“We will reach one million electric vehicles produced in France in 2027”, promises Emmanuel Macron, adding that he wants more than two million electric vehicles to be built by the year 2030.

Increase in subsidies

The president also announced an increase in subsidies; the ecological bonus therefore goes from $6,000 to $7,000, which will affect households wishing to acquire an electric vehicle and having a lower income. This measure will help bridge the gap between the price of a petrol or diesel vehicle and that of an electric model. The subsidy is offered for models sold under 47,000 euros.

Rent an electric vehicle for $100 per month

The president also goes there with a rather interesting measure. He wants to offer the possibility of renting a new electric vehicle for an amount of $100 per month, which is barely the fuel bill for many households.

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Please note, however, that the measure would be restricted to low-income households and those eligible for the conversion program, i.e. getting rid of a gasoline or diesel vehicle built before 2006. The measure will also favor young people and employees in certain sectors. individuals, including health and home care. This measure represents a budget of 50 million euros per year for 100,000 vehicles.


Will we see a more marked return to protectionism among automakers? Certainly, the pandemic has brought to light several disadvantages for manufacturers working with only a handful of subcontractors who, in many cases, are only based in China.


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