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Ford Ranger Lariat Tremor 2021: The proof is in!


I’ve never liked driving a pickup truck due to the rampant lack of steering precision, sluggish suspensions, and rear axle hopping. The Ranger falls into this category for normal road use. On the other hand, when you use it within your means, it shines. Off-road, I really had fun as my photos show. The contribution of Fox rear reservoir shocks and their configuration for off-road not only allows for higher ground clearance (8.9 inches in total), but healthier handling.

To this, we can add the electronic locking rear differential as well as off-road driving aids like Trail Control, a kind of cruise control on steep gradients. You can also play depending on the conditions with the multiple programs of the Terrain Management System. The range is wide and efficient, including an application for off-road. As it should be, the 2H, 4H and 4L ranges are in the game. Finally, Ford offers a towing mode that optimizes the performance of mechanical components. From work to outdoor activities, the Ranger comes with a setup for almost any situation one can throw at a pickup truck.

Having towed with a mass between 3000 and 4000 pounds, the Ranger did not flinch. On the other hand, the approach of turbocharging does not necessarily offer advantages in terms of consumption, I expected 13.7 liters / 100 kilometers. Obviously, I didn’t just tow, I also had fun in the mud, which affected fuel consumption!

Ford Ranger Lariat Tremor 2021


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