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Ford patents a simple but revolutionary innovation

Thanks to this very simple idea, Ford may well solve the problem of moving objects in the crate once and for all. The magnetic field generated by a series of magnets would hold objects and accessories in place.

In the world of vans, Ford this is not his first patent, far from it. However, a flash of genius struck one of the company’s engineers who had an idea of ​​incredible simplicity but also of exceptional efficiency: integrating magnets under the body to retain objects thanks to the magnetic field that they generate.

Pickup box with selectively actuated magnetic floor section


This is the American publication Muscle Cars & Trucks which unveiled the patent filed by Ford at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). What we discover is simple. A series of magnets are integrated directly under the body in different places and can be activated or not according to the needs of the user. The official name of the patent is: “pickup truck body with selectively actuated magnetic floor section”.

Pickup box with selectively actuated magnetic floor section

Up to 6 magnets

Depending on the first plans, we could find up to 6 magnets under the body. Interestingly, they will be able to be activated individually from the cabin or Ford’s mobile phone app. By activating one or more magnets, a magnetic field of varying strength is created which grips objects made of different metals in place. For the moment, we do not yet know exactly what avenues will be adopted to ensure that the other object does indeed contain magnetic metals. There are independent boxes that can be added to the body of vans. It is also considered that tools, for the most part, contain metallic elements that respond to magnetic fields.

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Pickup box with selectively actuated magnetic floor section

Vans and SUVs too

The idea works for pickup trucks, but can also be applied to commercial vans and, even, the brand’s sport utility vehicles. For the moment, the integration of magnets remains a patent which seems to have a lot of logic and a certain practical aspect. It remains to be seen whether this concept will join the production and that is another story.


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