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Ford Mach-Eau, a scent of gasoline for nostalgic electric motorists

As electric vehicles more and more enter the market, the disappearance of gasoline vehicles will certainly create some nostalgia. In a survey, Ford discovered that the smell of gasoline will be missed by many electric motorists and, in a marketing stunt, created the perfume Mach-Eau which she presented as part of the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Everyone agrees that pleasure appeals to all the senses, and the sound and smell are also part of the attractions of vehicles. Since internal combustion engines will probably no longer be able to be heard singing any time soon, Ford finds that 70% of new electric motorists will miss the smell of fuel when electric vehicles are pushed off the road. internal combustion engines.

In order to create a marketing stunt, Ford has teamed up with a perfume specialist to create a unique fragrance which, according to the press release, instead of just smelling the essence, is much more noble and takes up subtle touches of essence with notes of metal, smoke with some rubber hints and animal aromas, a reference to the Mustang’s past.

The firm Olfiction was selected for the making of the perfume; the creator mentions that each ingredient brings a specific component to the scent of the whole. The designer was inspired by the elements of smells found in a vehicle while adding some personal touches.

Dubbed Mach-Eau, in reference to Ford’s new electric model, the 2021 Mustang Mach E, the fragrance was presented by the manufacturer in the mecca of automotive decadence, the Goodwood Festival of Speed, an annual event that brings together fans of gasoline and which features a variety of overpowered cars.

Ford does not really intend to market its creation, it is, of course, a publicity stunt intended to boost sales of its electric vehicles, in particular the Mustang Mach E but also the Ford F-150 Lightning which will be marketed shortly. .

However, we would have liked to get our hands on a sample in order to have the chance to feel the result.

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