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Ford is preparing a new Ranger

Although the Ford ranger generation has only been marketed with us since 2019, this model has been around in other markets for more than a decade. It is therefore high time to modernize it. Ford’s European and Australian divisions have just released a video showing a camouflaged prototype of the next-generation model.

Why Europe and Australia before us? Because they marketed the modern Ranger long before us and also because in those markets the Ranger is the biggest pickup that Ford has to offer. There, the F-150 does not exist. the Ford ranger is therefore a very important pickup truck for Ford internationally.

Visibly stronger

Even though Ford hasn’t mentioned anything on the subject yet, it looks like what is hidden under the cover-up of this concept could also pass on this side of the Atlantic. In the video in question, we see a pickup truck that is visibly more angular and more imposing than the current model.

The front end even seems to display F-150 and also Ford Maverick tunes with its C-shaped headlights. We also see the SuperCab and SuperCrew variants with 6 or 5 foot body.

The video mainly shows the Ranger battling the elements of nature including mud, sand, stones and snow. These elements also underline the driving modes that the vehicle will offer. This video also shows us that the next Ranger will incorporate a suspension that is even better equipped to think outside the box.

Ford Ranger 2023

Now what can we expect for our market? First, even though Ford promises the Ranger will hit other markets next year, we may have to wait yet another year before it is introduced here. Second, the design could be altered, and we could even get different powertrains, like some form of hybridization or the integration of a V6 engine.

Ford Ranger 2023

The next Ranger is also likely to be offered in even more ferocious off-road versions, and there’s a good chance Ford will finally bring the Raptor version to us. Remember that the manufacturer recently canceled its plans to market a pickup version of the Bronco precisely to leave more room for the Ranger. Ford could therefore bring him the same off-road elements as his colleague, such as the Sasquatch set.


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