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Ford F-150 Rocket League: play in Chicago

It is more and more frequent to see automobile manufacturers teaming up for a game with video game producers. In partnership, they create virtual works that rarely see reality. In the case of Ford and Psyonix, the F-150 Rocket League materializes in Chicago.

Ford and the video game producer Psyonix announced in February the creation of the F-150 custom designed for the game of soccer Rocket league. One can wonder about the relevance of an F-150 on a soccer field, but it must be said that, in this multiplayer universe, it is not humans who run after the ball, but many vehicles.

As is usually the case with virtual creations, it is out of the question that the car will see the light of day in expanded production. The fact remains that Ford is daring to do it from scratch for the pleasure of fans of the game. It is also an excellent opportunity for the manufacturer to assert its presence in the world of video games for those who did not know it yet.

Ford F-150 Rocket League Concept 2021

While one of a kind, the F-150 Rocket League remains pretty close to a regular F-150, but more specifically the new Raptor. Decorated as desired, it adopts velocity blue with a collection of lime green accents all around the van. Certain elements ensure the strong affiliation with the regular F-150 such as the C-shape of the LEDs up front, the configuration of the wheel arches, the fenestration and the F-150 embossed in the body panel.

Ford F-150 Rocket League Concept 2021

For the exotic, this extraordinary F-150 offers 37-inch tires on exclusive rims. The most fascinating action, however, is at the rear with the lights which also serve as reactors and the presence of an engine inside the body.

Ford F-150 Rocket League Concept 2021

This concept will obviously never join production. The fact remains that this is the kind of racing car that attracts a lot of attention and confirms that the automotive world should not always be taken seriously, even when it comes to the most vehicle. sold to the world.


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