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Electric Cars

Toyota finally goes electric and will invest $ 13.7 billion

Toyota was one of the pioneers in vehicle development hybrids, she who has been marketing the Prius since the end of the 90s and who insists that the future continues to belong to the hybrid and thehydrogen. Since that time, we have to admit that the manufacturer has been overtaken by the competition in terms of vehicle. electric. Toyota is now in catch-up mode and announces investments of approximately $ 13.7 billion in the development of its electrical sector.

It was during an address to investors and the media that the executives of Toyota announced that they will invest nearly $ 14 billion in the development of the batteries and its supply system.

The manufacturer also intends to reduce the cost of producing batteries by 30% by using new, more accessible materials and by modifying the structure of the cells. He also intends to optimize their performance over time, mentioning that the battery used on board his next electric vehicle, the bZ4X, will be able to retain more than 90% of its capacity even after more than 10 years of use.

Toyota also wants to improve the safety of electric vehicles, in particular by pushing the parallel development of solid batteries. Not only does this type of battery contain almost double the energy density of a liquid lithium-ion battery, it is also much safer, being less sensitive to heat and less likely to cause a fire, a problem that has earned several important recalls in recent years.

Not only will Toyota use solid batteries on board its future electric vehicles, but it will also do so in its hybrid vehicles. The manufacturer mentioned that a prototype has already been tested for a year.

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Toyota plans to sell more than 8 million electrified vehicles by 2030, including 2 million battery and hydrogen electric models.

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