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Electric vehicles | Three minutes for 100 km: ABB launches ultra-fast charging station

(Zurich) The Swiss-Swedish engineering group ABB will launch a new model of ultra-fast charging station for electric vehicles, he announced Thursday.

Called Terra 360, this new model of charging station can in three minutes restore sufficient autonomy to a vehicle to travel 100 kilometers, the group said in a statement.

Recharges to 100% in a quarter of an hour

With a maximum capacity of 360 kilowatts, it can fully charge a vehicle in 15 minutes or less, adds ABB, claiming that it was the “fastest model in the world”. It can also charge up to four vehicles at the same time.

This model, which the group intends to market by the end of the year in Europe and from 2022 in the United States, Latin America and Asia Pacific, is designed to meet different types of use.

It can be installed in recharging stations, but also in shopping centers, for example, to be able to recharge the vehicle of a person “shopping”, illustrates ABB, which specifies that the terminal can be personalized, in particular by installing an advertising screen.

With efforts to tackle climate change, demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure “is higher than ever,” said Frank Muehlon, who heads ABB’s e-Mobility division, quoted in the press release.

Given the strong demand, the division specializing in electric charging stations is one of the units that ABB plans to introduce separately on the stock market in 2022 while probably retaining a controlling stake, explained its new CEO Björn Rosengren, when the half-year results are published in July.

The industrial conglomerate, headquartered in Zurich, entered the e-mobility market in 2010 and has since sold more than 460,000 charging stations for electric vehicles in 88 countries, the statement said.

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