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Audi urbansphere concept, an electric van at Audi?

After having recently presented the Audi A6 Avant e-tron concept, the manufacturer returns to the charge this week with the presentation of another prototype, the Audi urbansphere concept, an electric vehicle that resembles a van and that hints at the brand’s future vision in terms of urban mobility. The vehicle is in the same vein as the Audi skysphere and Audi grandsphere concepts.

The Audi urbansphere was envisioned by Audi designers and engineers who had in mind to design a vehicle that would be enjoyable and interesting for passengers caught in the heavy traffic of the roads of China, or any other major affected metropolis. by traffic problems.

Developed in the Audi design studios in Beijing and Ingolstadt, the “co-creation” process has made it possible to integrate consumers, the manufacturer keen to ensure the collaboration of its future customers in order to create a unique vehicle that would meet their needs.

The result is especially visible inside, where we find an ultra-spacious and luxurious lounge-type cabin. It’s all made possible thanks to autonomous driving technology, no steering wheel, controls or pedals, all the interior space is dedicated to the passengers. The idea? Giving back time and space to passengers rather than forcing a driver to drive for hours.

With its futuristic minivan look, the vehicle is very imposing. It is 5.51 meters (18 feet) long, 2.01 meters (6.6 feet) wide and 1.78 meters (5.8 feet) high. We understand that its interior makes it very suitable for long trips. The layout of the seats can be modulated according to your needs (work, discussions, cinema); an OLED screen, which occupies the entire width of the vehicle, can also be folded down from the ceiling to provide on-board entertainment.

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In terms of design, the vehicle has very fluid lines which gives it a style much more associated with vans than SUVs, in particular because of its proportions and its arched roof. 24-inch double-spoke rims stand out in its design, the inverted doors open on the opposite side to provide better access on board.

An electric motor

The absence of a grille at the front demonstrates that the vehicle benefits from an electric motor. It is assembled on Audi’s PPE platform (Premium Platform Electric), the battery pack with a power of 120 kilowatt hours is positioned in the floor, between the axles.

The Audi urbansphere benefits from a pair of electric motors that propel the front and rear wheels, the assembly develops a total power of 295 kilowatts. If necessary, the front engine can be deactivated, in traffic for example, which allows the autonomy to be preserved which, according to information, is 750 kilometers according to WLTP standards.

The vehicle benefits from an 800-volt charging system, which allows for a higher charging capacity of 270 kilowatts. It is therefore possible to recover a range of 300 kilometers in just 10 minutes.

It’s obvious that the Audi urbansphere is not about to appear on our roads, but some of its features could well inspire the next vehicles from Audi.


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